Course details of CS 681 - Performance Analysis of Computer Systems and Network

Course Name Performance Analysis of Computer Systems and Network
Total Credits 6
Type T
Lecture 6
Tutorial 0
Practical 0
Selfstudy 0
Half Semester N
Prerequisite MA 212
Text Reference 1. Harchol-Balter, Mor. Performance Modeling and Design of Computer Systems: Queueing Theory in Action. Cambridge University Press, 2013. 2. Probability and Statistics with Reliability, Queueing and Computer Science Applications, 2nd edition, by Kishor Trivedi, John Wiley & Sons, 2002. 3. Teletraffic : theory and applications, by Akimaru and Kawashima,Springer-Verlag, 1993 4. Queueing Systems vol I & II, by L. Kleinrock, John Wiley and Sons, 1975. 5. Averill, M. "Law. Simulation modeling and analysis." Tata McGraw-Hill (2007).
Description Introduction to performance measures, performance measurement, analytical modeling for performance, use of basic probability for performance evaluation, Markov chains, Markovian queues, non-Markovian queues, queueing networks, design, implementation and analysis of discrete event simulation models (confidence intervals). Applications to: operating systems (paging, scheduling, multi-threading), networks: Web servers, TCP/IP models, Wireless LAN, power management, virtualization .
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