Course details of DE 402 - Introduction to Design - Case Studies

Course Name Introduction to Design - Case Studies
Total Credits 6
Type T
Lecture 2
Tutorial 0
Practical 1
Selfstudy 0
Half Semester N
Text Reference Eskild Tjalve, A Short Course in Industrial Design, Newnes-Butterworths. John Heskett, DESIGN: A Very Short Introduction, OXFORD. Mike Baxter, Product Design: A practical guide to systematic methods of new product development, Champman & Hall.
Description History of industrial design, The significance and value of industrial design, Basic characteristics of industrial design, The wide spectrum of design practice and terminology, Industrial design methodology, Creation of a product, Factors concerning the product in use, Capturing insights of users, Creative idea generation, Form generation of products, Design for manufacture, Appearance of the product, Case studies on wide variety of products to showcase the above.
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