Course details of EE 618 - CMOS Analog VLSI Design

Course Name CMOS Analog VLSI Design
Total Credits 6
Type T
Lecture 6
Tutorial 0
Practical 0
Selfstudy 0
Half Semester N
Prerequisite EE 671
Text Reference R. Jacob Baker,H.W.Li, and D.E. Boyce CMOS Circuit Design ,Layout and Simulation, Prentice-Hall of India,1998267011Mohammed Ismail and Terri Faiz, Analog VLSI Signal and Information Process, McGraw-Hill Book company,1994267011Paul R. Gray and R.G.Meyer, Analysis and design of Analog Integrated circuits John Wiley and sons,USA,(3rd Edition),1993267011B. Razavi, RF Microelectronics, Prentice-Hall PTR,1998267011Journals: 1}IEEE Journal of Solid state Circuits 2}IEEE Trans. on Communications
Description Introduction to analog VLSI and mixed signal issues in CMOS technologies. Basic MOS models, SPICE Models and frequency dependent parameters. Basic MNOS/CMOS gain stage, cascade and cascode circuits. Frequency response, stabilty and noise issues in amplifiers. CMOS analog blocks: Current Sources and Voltage references. Differential amplifier and OPAMP design. Frequency Synthesizers and Phased lock-loop. Non-linear analog blocks: Comparators,Charge-pump circuits and Multipliers. Data converters. Analog Interconnects. Analog Testing and Layout issues. Low Voltage and Low Power Circuits. Introduction to RF Electronics. Basic concepts in RF design
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