Course details of EP 215 - Electronics Laboratory I

Course Name Electronics Laboratory I
Total Credits 3
Type L
Lecture 0
Tutorial 3
Practical 0
Selfstudy 0
Half Semester N
Text Reference
Description Testing of electronic components and solidering practice, design of printed circuit board, conversion of galvanometer to voltmeter and ammeter, output resistanceof a D.C.source, use of cathode ray oscillcope for measuring frequency, amplitude of different wave shape, etc., study of R.C. circuit with constant and variable E.M.F.,phase measurement in R.C.circuit with low frequency A.C.,study of L.R. and LCR circuits, Q factor of LCR circuit,Measurement of Capacitance by Schering Bridge. Design of multimeter,filtering and phase shifting networks, Regulations characteristics of rectifier to obtain ripple factor in different filters, semi-conductor diode characteristics, Bi-polar transisteor characteristics,Applications of diode (clipping and a.c.voltage multiplier), Response of indicating instruting-analogue meter, digital meter,CRO, etc., Logic gate circuits I: all six gates-truth table verification, Logic gate circuits II: R-S-Flip-flop, J-K Flip-flop,etc.
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