Course details of EP 222 - Classical Mechanics I

Course Name Classical Mechanics I
Total Credits 6
Type T
Lecture 2
Tutorial 0
Practical 1
Selfstudy 0
Half Semester N
Text Reference H. Goldstein, Classical Mechanics, Addison Wesley, 2nd ed., 1980. N.C. Rana and P.S. Joag, Classical Mechanics, Tata McGraw Hill, 1991 L.D. Landau and E.M. Lifhitz, Mechanics, Pergamon Press, 1960. V.I. Arnold, Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics, Springer Verlag, 1981 S.N. Biswas, Classical Mechanics, Books and Allied, 1998.
Description Review of Newton`s law of motion, frames of reference, rotating frames, centrifugal and coriolis forces. Free and constrained motion, D`Alemberts principle and Lagrange`s equation of first kind. Lagrangian formulation, Hamilton342200231s equation of motion. Variational principles. Canonical transformation and Poisson Bracket. Hamilton Jacobi theory and action angle variables.Periodic motion, small oscillations, normal coordinates, Central force, Kepler`s Laws and Rutherford scattering.
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