Course details of EP 252 - Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

Course Name Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
Total Credits 6
Type T
Lecture 2
Tutorial 0
Practical 1
Selfstudy 0
Half Semester N
Text Reference Reference Textboks: Modern Quantum Mechanics by J. J. Sakurai Quantum Mechanics by D. J. Griffiths 1. Linear Vector Spaces, Concept of Inner Product, Dual Space, Dirac Notation, Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization, Linear Operators and their matrix representation, projection operator, Brief Discussion of orthogonal, Hermitian and unitary matrices, eigenvalue problem, normal matrices and their spectral decomposition, Hilbert Space and square integrable functions, Dirac delta-function. (4 Lectures) 2. Postulates of Quantum Mechanics, meaning of wave function (Copenhagen Interpretation), Uncertainty principle, Heisenberg microscope, measurement of physics observables, compatible and incompatible observables, Real space representation of Schroedinger`s equation. (2 lectures) 3. One dimensional problems: Brief review of infinite and finite potential wells. Potential barrier and tunneling. Scattering off step potential. (3 lectures) 4. 1-d Harmonic Oscillator, Hermite polynomials, minimal uncertainty product, number representation. (3 lectures) 5. Symmetries and their generators, translational invariance and linear momentum, Discrete symmetries (Parity) (2 lectures) 6. Rotational Symmetry and angular momentum, angular momentum algebra, coordinate representation of L^2 and L_z and their eigenfunctions (spherical harmonics), Addition of Angular Momenta, Clebsch-Gordon Coefficients, (6 lectures) 7. Stern-Gerlach experiment, spin-1/2 representation and interaction of spin with magnetic field. (2 lectures) 8. Solution of Schroedinger`s equation for central potentials, Hydrogen atomp problem (Laguerre polynomials) (2 lectures) 9. Introduction to stationary state perturbation theory (non-degenerate and degenerate), Calculation of scattering amplitudes for simple potentials. (4 lectures) The total number of lectures in parantheses add up to 28.
Description Assuming 14 weeks long semester, we will have 28 lectures. Prescribed Textbook: Principles of Quantum Mechanics by R. Shankar
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