Course details of EP 415 - Introduction to Physics of Nanoparticles and Nanostructures

Course Name Introduction to Physics of Nanoparticles and Nanostructures
Total Credits 6
Type T
Lecture 3
Tutorial 0
Practical 0
Selfstudy 0
Half Semester N
Prerequisite Nil
Text Reference F. Wooten, Optical properties of Solids, Academic Press, 1972 Bohren, C.F. and Huffman, D.R. Absorption and scattering of light by small particles, Wiley Interscience, 1983 N. Peyghambrain., S.W. Koch and A. Mysyrowicz, Introduction to Semiconductor Optics, Prentice Hall, 1993. S.V. Gaponenko., Optical Properties of Semiconductor Nanocrystals, Cambridge Univeristy Press, 1998. Y., U., Yu and M., Cardona, Fundamentals of Semiconductors: Physics & Materials Properties, Springer-Verlag, 1996. D.K. Ferry and S.M. Goodnick, Transport in Nanostructures, Cambridge University Press, 1997 . S., Datta, Electronic Transport in Mesoscopic Systems, Cambridge University Press, 1997.
Description Optics at surfaces, thin films and nano-particles: Maxwell’s equations, reflection of light at planar interfaces of material media. Polarization in dielectrics, semiconductors and metals. Optical absorption in solids, plasmons and surface plasmons, Dipolar response and nano-particles, Maxwell Garnet theory, Optical absorption in ultra-thin films, nano-particles, applications, Electronic Phenomena in Nanostructures: Electronic Phenomena in Nanostructures: Electron energy states in quantum confined systems, semiconductor heterojunctions, 2-DEG systems, quantum wires and quantum dots, transmission in nanostructures: tunneling in planar barrier, resonant tunnel diodes, Landauer formula, transport in quantum wave-guide structures, quantum dots and single electron phenomenon: electronic states in quantum dots, single electron tunneling and Coulumb Blockade, Coupled dots and quantumn molecules.
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