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Pramod Madhukar Chaudhari

Distinguished Alumnus
Pramod Madhukar Chaudhari
B.Tech., Mech. Engg. 1971

Mr. Pramod Chaudhari graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from IIT Bombay in 1971. He established Praj Industries Ltd. in 1985. The Company focussed upon ethanol plant and technology with business that extends not only in India but also to South East Asia, Africa and South America. Apart from ethanol technology, Praj's business lines include beer plant & equipment, environmental engg. and heat transfer systesm. The Company has offices in India, Singapore and in Bogota, Colombia. Praj is a world class company with a distinct position, expressed through its global leadership in Alcohol Technology and Brewery Engineering. Today it is a Rs. 90 crore Company employing over 250 people with 70% being Engineers. We compete with the best in our business and maintain our leadership. Today, Praj is world's leading Company in the field of Ethanol Technology, Plant & Equipment. Nearly 50% of its turnover comes from international market. 

To develop his entrepreneurship skills, he attended Advanced Management Programme at Harvard in 1995.He has contributed to the National Biofuels Policy as a member of the Committee on Development of Biofuels – Planning Commission, Government of India, for introduction of renewable fuels to India. He is also a member of the Project Export Committee set up by Ministry of Commerce under the aegis of CII-Exim Bank of India. Apart from his technical abilities, which is a definite asset in a technology Company like PRAJ, his special skills include the ability to build teams and to build people. Another skill lies in his ability to look beyond and build a picture of the future which is not apparent to others. Almost ten years ago he had visualized that fuel ethanol would be an important turning point in the alcohol industry. Today, India is very much on its way to introducing the environment friendly fuel. 

Praj's business model is based on the understanding that Companies which own specific intellectual capital will be the most successful. Towards this end, Praj has not only tropicalized key technologies for application in countries like India, but it has also gone about developing new and more rugged techologies. Today, Praj has seven patents to its name. Praj has also established the only R & D center dedicated to alcohol production in the private sector.