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Mr. Rakesh Mathur

Distinguished Alumnus
Mr. Rakesh Mathur
B.Tech., Mechanical Engg., 1978

His entrepreneurial abilities soon came to the fore and he established several start ups in Silicon valley. He was the founder of Junglee and Purple yogi. His acumen has resulted in his being inducted on to the board of several important corporations and occupying important positions such as the Vice President of Amazon. After a string of such successes he has begun to focus his attention on India in general and IITB in particular. He has established "Webaroo" a start-up company at the SINE, IIT Bombay. He has successfully used his network and influence to assist other young entrepreneurs and continues to do so even today. He is the recipient the numerous awards, a few of them being –


  One of the 100 most influential Indians, India Today, 2003
  One of the 100 key individuals in Technolgy, 1998
  Upride Elite 100
  Junglee Award, 1998
  Red Herring 100
He has also been a very active participant in fund raising for the IITB Heritage Fund. At the individual level, he has created a corpus to facilitate awards "S.C. Bhattacharya Research Excellence Award in Science", "H.H. Mathur Excellence Award in Technology" by this Institute.