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Mr. Shridhar Bhalchandra Shukla

Distinguished Service
Mr. Shridhar Bhalchandra Shukla
(B.Tech., Electrical Engg., 1983)

Mr. Shukla is currently the Managing Director of GS Labs Pvt. Ltd., Pune. He has been a volunteer at the Pune Chapter of the IITBAA. He was elected to Pune Chapter Executive Committee in the year 2006 and was also elected as President of Pune Chapter in that year. Under his leadership, the Pune Chapter developed the concept of organizing a national level event to showcase Innovations in practice. The first in this series was "Innovation 2007" that was held in January 2007 & this has now become an annual feature of Pune Chapter. Apart from Innovations 2007, he has also been responsible for organizing lectures of technocrats, entrepreneur luminaries for the IITB alumni in Pune. He has also helped in the organization of the golden jubilee outreach event at Pune in June 2007.