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Rentala Chandrashekhar

Distinguished Alumnus
Secretary to the Government of India, Department of Information Technology
M.Sc., Chemistry, 1973

Mr. Rentala Chandrashekhar received his M.Sc. degree from the Department of Chemistry, IIT Bombay. Later, he joined the Government of India in 1975 as a member of the Indian Administrative Service. He also holds an M.S. in Computer Science from the Pennsylvania State University, USA.He was the man who established the first Department of Information Technology in the country in Andhra Pradesh, and also heralded some of the most innovative efforts including the public-private partnership (PPP) concept in e-Governance projects. He masterminded the conceptualization, planning and implementation of various key initiatives in the state in the field of Information Technology. The framework that was evolved was widely regarded as pathbreaking and catapulted the State of Andhra Pradesh to the forefront of IT development in the country.He is with the Government of India from 2002 onwards – first as Joint Secretary (e-Governance) and then as Additional Secretary and Secretary, Department of Information Technology. He played a leading role in the formulation and adoption by the government of India in 2006 of the National e-Governance Plan. This Plan set the e-Governance agenda of the country and gave it a citizen and business service orientation.