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Mr. Dinkar Natraj

Distinguished Service
Co-founder and President, Acalvio Technologies
B.Tech., 1982, Chemical Engineering

Mr. Dinkar Natraj (fondly called as Nat) is currently the co-founder, President of Acalvio Technologies, a security startup based in Silicon Valley. He is also an Assistant Scout Master in Troop 494 Cupertino. Mr. Natraj and his wife Aruna are active in Silicon Valley, Chinmaya Mission and Sankara Eye Foundation. 

He did his B.Tech in Chemical Engineering in 1982 and Masters in Chemical Engineering from University of Virginia. He is an active member of the SFO Bay Area, Silicon Valley IITB Chapter and is involved in a range of activities from fund raising for his IITB 82 batch, organizing outdoor activities (running, skiing), social activities (82 batch, H6 get-togethers) and mentoring younger professionals, entrepreneurs, etc. He has worked with a number of his classmates to organize the batch's 25th reunion and create a corpus of more than Rs 4 crores to seed the YFA (Young Faculty Award). In addition, he is a keen supporter of the HATS project focused at providing support for mess workers and their families. 

Motivation towards contribution to IITB:

"IIT B gave me world class education, I have made life long friends, had an amazing time in the campus, opened my perspectives - gave me weltanschauung (a world view), what more could you ask for from your alma mater? The debt of gratitude is on my shoulder and I look to give back to IIT B in my own modest fashion at every available opportunity" shares Mr. Natraj.