The Counselling Care Centre provides you…

  • space to talk with no pressure
  • confidentiality is maintained
  • no judgment, criticism and assumptions
  • you can unburden yourself

Counsellors will…

  • respect you and your problems
  • will help you to consider the different options and make choice
  • surely will make an attempt to reduce them
  • will intervene with right people to help you if required 

Appointments available from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm Monday-Friday and students are usually seen with 45 minutes, depending on demand. 

Intake appointments are scheduled by students at times and dates which are convenient to them, depending on their academic commitments.

In either case, the goal of the first meeting is to help the student identify the issues that are causing them the most concern.

If a student wishes to continue in counselling, he/she usually continues to meet with the same counsellor seen in intake or Walk-In.