I was suffering from a personal problem since a long time. As the day passed it was getting tougher for me to overcome my problem despite taking help from the friends. It was then I decided to take help the consultant. Initially I was too hesitant to take the help as I thought consulting is only for the losers and people who are mentally challenged and me being an IIT-ian, it will be against my pride to take help of some consultant, but I had no other option left and thought let’s give this a try. To my surprise, it was an overall good experience for me. It helped me a lot. It would have been very tough for me to catch the right track, had I not taken the help of the counsellor. The counsellor was very patient with me and heard me carefully without any signs of judging me.Counsellor was friendly and made me at ease. It was easy for me to find the building. The counsellor listened every bit of my issues patiently and then used some of the techniques to make me feel better. Counsellor made me comfortable by offering to the help in any possible way even for the small stuffs like preparing time table, planning the week etc. so that I can gain focus back on my work. Counselling gave me a new way of looking at my problems which really helped me to take strong decisions which I was not able to initially. I gained my confidence back to independently deal with my problems in the future. The counsellor used to message me regularly to take an update of how I was doing and what was the status of my work ensuring that I do not lose on my set targets. Whenever I needed some help I had the freedom of calling/texting the counsellor anytime I felt the need to. I never faced the problem with the frequency of meetings as it was schedules according to my convenience of time and venue. As promised by the counsellor, my information was kept confidential. Finally, I would like to extend heartily thanks to the counsellor for the support and help I got. In a place like IIT Bombay it’s very common that people undergo depression due to various reasons and it is perfectly normal, but students should realise the need of taking the help when situations are out of their control. I feel whenever a person is down he/she needs a person to listen to him/her patiently. This solves the problem of anxiety to a greater extent which was the case for me during the counselling. I would certainly recommend students to take the help of the counsellor if they are not feeling OK. The counsellor is not just someone to speak to but a friend and shoulder to cry on, who with the help of their experience will give you the best possible help/advice they can.


I was an undergraduate student in IITB. I participated in many extracurricular activities and it was fun. It was my 5th year when I got into a strange situation. I was having continuous thoughts about someone (my ex-girlfriend) after we broke up. I tried to ignore it for a few months. I was feeling problem in my routine. I tried to get busy with a lot of work load in academics. This didn't help and I felt as if I needed to meet a counselor in IIT. I talked to one of my closest friend in my wing and he suggested me that I should not hesitate to talk to counselor. I saw a notice on my hostel notice board where I came to know that there is a number on which I can Whatsapp to get an appointment. I got an appointment and I met the counselor. It was a great meeting I talked about my problems. She gave some very good tips. I followed them. She even planned my study schedule for exams just to make sure that I was not taking too much load in life. We met for a couple of times. We talked about the problems as friends talk about their problems and I didn't feel hesitant about tell my story to her. There was one thing which I realized after meeting her that the stress and tension can be resolved if we talk about it. I am much better now and I suggest everyone who is going through any kind of tension, stress, loneliness to meet the counselor if they feel it is required. I thank my counselor, her team and IITB for such a nice system. It is very helpful for students.


I went into depression and anxiety disorder just before coming to IIT Bombay. When I reached IIT, I was not able to concentrate on my studies. Not only on studies but each and everything in my life. After a few months I came to know about the student counsellors in IIT Bombay through my Professor. The Professor arranged a meeting with Mrs. Hima Anaredy, a student counselor of IIT Bombay. Initially I was hesitant to meet a stranger and tell him/her that I need help. But then I had already reached a stage where I wanted to vent out my emotions which I was not able to handle by myself. I was confused on how talking with a person can change the perspective of my problem. On the first meeting with the counselor I was not knowing how to express or make her understand my problems. But it was quite comfortable talking with a counsellor. It was indeed a relief for me after the first meeting. The counsellor had always been quite interested in listening to what I say starting from the first day. She arranged regular meetings and kept a follow up of my condition.  I could realize that I was getting better day by day. During the process of counselling I realized I had developed a few mental blocks over a period of time and the counselor helped me in knowing how to deal with it. She guided me through all the efforts I made to come out of my emotional condition. It was really helpful for me going for the counselling because the counselor showed me techniques how to calm myself down and also how to plan my activities. Eventually my performance in academics got improved. She had supported and encouraged me throughout my life in IIT and changed my attitude from complete hopelessness to have a better life ahead with no anxiety. I thank the her and other counselling members in IIT for their humane service they do on a daily basis.


Talking to ma'am has been extremely helpful for me, in getting out of what I would call depression. She used to listen to me patiently and reason out my uneasiness with the then-circumstances. It helped me think through the events, that were sort of disturbing for me, more clearly, making way for a better and fearless me. I would definitely recommend any student dealing with any sort of anxiety, unsettling thoughts or anything which they are unable to resolve themselves and need someone with whom they can share safely and get help, talk to ma'am. It will immensely help you, if you just talk it out. :)