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DSSE trains aspiring entrepreneurs through courses and structured mentoring programs at IIT Bombay. The entrepreneurship courses offered by Institute and adjunct faculty have benefited more than 1750 students. About 350 students were mentored by the alumni, and 30 teams incubated their startup ventures.


In 2010, IITB envisioned a dedicated Centre to offer courses on innovation and entrepreneurship with the relevant content, context and contacts to aspiring students. This vision took shape in 2014 when an alumnus of IITB, Mr. Bharat Desai (B.Tech, Electrical Engineering, 1975) and his wife Neerja Sethi donated one million dollars to start the Centre.

Entrepreneurship has a transformative power. But this is not for everybody. The journey is tough – the path is covered with stones and thorns, not roses. Entrepreneurs need to have passion, self-belief, discipline and perseverance. We need to attract and train the best talent to embark on entrepreneurship.
- Bharat Desai (Desai Sethi Family Foundation)

Bharat Desai & Neerja Sethi are well-known as the founders of Systems International (Syntel) in Troy, Michigan in 1980, a company that provided IT consulting and outsourcing using a global delivery model and later merged with Atos, a French IT services provider. The Desai Sethi Centre for Entrepreneurship was approved on 31 January 2014 by the Board of Governors of IIT Bombay, chaired by Padma Vibhushan Dr. Anil Kakodkar. The Centre soon launched foundation courses in entrepreneurship in autumn semester of 2014. One year later, Proof-of-Concept Lab courses (basic and advanced) were introduced. The first batch of B.Tech. Minor students graduated in 2016. Within five years, over 1600 students – undergraduate as well as a postgraduate – attended and benefited from the entrepreneurship courses.

Over the last decades, IITians have established a global reputation as technology experts and business leaders. Today, with the national mindset evolving in favour of innovation and entrepreneurship, IIT Bombay is even more committed to nurture thought leaders and change makers of tomorrow, to address challenges in all fronts – society, economy, technology and environment. In this regard, the DS School of Entrepreneurship plays a pivotal role by engaging with the students, researchers, faculty, alumni and other stakeholders – government, incubators, investors and industry. The relevant courses and mentoring programs have received very good response from the internal community as well as external partners. The School is also a role model for other institutes. In the next decade, we expect further expansion of such activities and network as well as national development and social impact.”
- Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri, Director, IIT Bombay

In December 2019, the BoG of the Institute approved the conversion of the Centre into the School of Entrepreneurship.


Students can bring their ideas alive by fabricating the proof-of-concept and prototypes in the POC lab of DSSE. They can also access other such labs of the Institute, such as Tinkering Lab and BETIC.


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This is located in the ground floor of IDC School of Design. It houses hand tools and craft materials suitable for fabricating proof-of-concepts of novel products. It is primarily meant for students of DSSE courses on Proof-of-Concept (Basic and Advanced). Other students mentored by DSSE team can access the facilities based on availability and prior permission from faculty-in-charge. 

Tinkerers’ Lab

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This is located at the intersection of two infinite corridors, near the corner of Mechanical Engineering department. It houses basic equipment including 3D printers, CNC machines, power tools and electronics. This lab is managed by the students and is open to all students of the Institute round the clock. 


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This is located in F4 Shed near the Electrical Maintenance Office on IDC-Hillside road. Facilities include 3D scanner, 3D CAD/CAM and 3D printers (biocompatible plastic and metal) as well as electronics CAD and fabrication dedicated to medical device innovation. These facilities are available to BETiC team members, faculty guiding med-tech projects, and med-tech start-up companies. 


The School has symbiotic relationships with the E-Cell and STAB, both managed by the students, and SINE technology business incubator of the Institute. The School also partners with several other institutes and organizations for exchange visits and collaborative training programs.


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The E-Cell was formed in 1998 to promote the culture of entrepreneurship. It is managed and run by the students, with Professor In-charge of DSSE as the faculty guide. The Cell organizes the annual E-Summit, which brings together more than 20,000 students, entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, startup founders and visitors. It includes Eureka (international business plan competition), NEC (national entrepreneurship challenge for colleges to build their own E-Cells), TTMM (The Ten Minute Million: pitching to investors), talks by business leaders and many competitions. 


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Students’ Technical Activities’ Body is managed by the students and drives technology projects including Mars Rover, Racing Formula, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, Pratham Satellite and Shunya (zero-energy housing).


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Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE) is the technology business incubator of IIT Bombay and was set up in 2004 to house the startups created by IITB community. SINE also runs accelerator programs in corporate partnership. It has been selected as a Centre of Excellence by DST, New Delhi with funding support to scale up its activities, and as a BioNEST Bio-incubator by BIRAC, New Delhi to support the bio-medical start ups. Over 150 start-ups have been physically or virtually incubated in SINE, creating over 450 entrepreneurs and generating job opportunities for 3800 people. The SINE incubated companies have collectively raised Rs. 1200 crores for funding their journey. 


The DSSE team currently operates from the offices located in Monash Building near the Victor Menezes Convention Centre in IIT Bombay campus. Please visit us or contact through mail or phone.

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