Academic Programmes Offered by the DSCE

Courses including classroom based learning courses as well as project-based hands-on experiential learning are offered. These aim at tangible results in the form of technology interventions and start-ups.

Courses offered by the Centre: (2014 to 2017)

 AY 2014-2015AY 2015-2016AY 2016-2017
Semester I (Autumn) ENT 201: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

ENT 203: Identifying and Exploiting Opportunities

ENT 204: Developing a Proof of Concept (Basic)

Semester II (Spring)ENT 202: Business Skills for Entrepreneurs

ENT 208/602: Technology Venture Creation

ENT 206: Developing a Proof of Concept (Advanced)

Two Half semester Courses: ENT205/ENT601IP for Entrepreneurs and ENT210/ENT604 Marketing Skills for Entrepreneurs.

Around 500 students have joined the courses so far. 
ENT201: Introduction to Entrepreneurship Total Credit: 6 

  • This is an introductory course in entrepreneurship and is designed to acquaint students with the evolution and impact of entrepreneurship on business and society. It introduces the students to the importance and application of techniques of innovation and creativity to the generation of new ideas. The course helps the students to understand the process of transformation of ideas into business opportunities. 

ENT202: Business Skills for Entrepreneurs Total Credit: 6 

  • This course is designed to inculcate team building skills in students and help them appreciate the issues in establishing a new venture. This course introduces the student to building and managing an effective board of directors, different selling skills and sales strategies vital to the survival of a startup. In addition, topics related to viral marketing, executing a global market strategy, negotiating VC deals, sales deals and business deals are also discussed. The students are taught about customer care before, during and after a sale. The students are also groomed on presentation skills for communicating effectively with customers, employees and partners.

 ENT204: Developing a Proof-of-Concept (Basic) Total Credit: 6 

  • The course is designed to enable students in converting their ideas with commercial potential into a tangible product/service. In addition to helping them understand the new product development process, it helps the students in learning to integrate the needs of the end-consumer into the new product development process. In this course the students are expected to use the new product development process to conceive their own new product or service. At this stage they are not expected to build a startup around this product or service. 

ENT 205: Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs Total Credit: 3 

  • In this course students are introduced to the discipline of Intellectual Property. They are also taught the fundamentals of the Patenting process. The other topics covered in this course are Patent Informatics, Copyrights and Designs (including graphic and interaction design), Trade Marks, Service, Dress Branding, Trade Secrets and other forms of IP. It is ensured that students receive ample exposure to Industry specific IP issues through representative case studies. The students are also taught IP Management and IP Issues in Agreements. 

ENT206: Developing a Proof-of-Concept (Advanced) Total Credit: 6 

  • This advance course in developing a proof-of-concept for a product idea is an extension of the basic course ENT 204, which must be taken first before a student can enrol for this course. The students in this course are expected to enhance, improve and extend the features of the products developed in the basic course ENT204 in the previous semester. Now they are expected to obtain customer feedback and perform a customer validation exercise. The students are expected to explore the possibility of commercializing the technology product ideas. The performance of the students is evaluated on the working models developed for product testing, learnings in iterations and skills imbibed during the prototype building process. 

ENT208: Technology Venture Creation Total Credit: 6 

  • This course is designed to take the participating student teams through all the stages of a new venture creation with critical inputs from mentors leading to business proposals which are assessed at the end of the semester by faculty, experts and venture capitalists. This course focusses on converting technology ideas into business opportunities through important topics such as opportunity assessment and assessing technology ideas in terms of market opportunity and market validation of the product idea. The students are also exposed to the process of fund raising and IP management in the early and later stages of the development of a startup. 

ENT210: Marketing for Entrepreneurs Total Credit: 3 

  • This course is designed for the unique marketing needs of entrepreneurs. The course starts with an introduction to the evolution of the discipline of marketing management. The students learn to appreciate the role of marketing within the startup framework through techniques of problem identification and market research. They learn to segment customers and develop focus for launch. They develop the customer value proposition and techniques for accelerated product/solution design. They undergo modules in lean marketing strategy for new ventures and early stage positioning, branding and communication. The student teams are taught pricing and commercial strategies during new product introductions. Due to the course’s focus on entrepreneurship the students are taught techniques for managing marketing spend and measuring RoI. They also learn techniques of test marketing a new product/solution, competitive defense/differentiation and scaling up for profitability.