13 Jun 2017

Ushva is a team of IIT Bombay graduates working with the vision: 'Providing great accessibility to affordable power derived from renewable resources, free of geographic and transmission constraints.' They are currently a team of 15 having various skills ranging from product design & planning, Mechanical system design, electrical system design, product strategy, embedded systems, IoT, algorithm development, operations, marketing & sales.

Solar PV systems are not being actively adopted at the household/SME level in India or any other developing country because of 3 major reasons:


- High capital Investment

- Black box like system, making it hard for the customers to trust on the associated benefits against the high capital investment

- No available systems (solar-inverters) have been designed for developing countries like India where the grid is highly unstable


Ushva has designed a single phase transformer-less pure sine wave smart hybrid solar inverter (used to connect solar panels & grid to power your house/industry) which tells the client its monetary savings in power bills as well as guides the client towards more efficient use of the house appliances via the client's mobile App. Some of the features of Ushva's smart solar inverter are:


- Control based inverter enabling it to extract maximum power from the solar panels as well as converting the solar power into usable form with maximum efficiency

- Real time power factor correction for 25-30 % more power output compared to Indian made solar inverters

- India's first hybrid solar inverter with pure sine wave generation for most optimal output in compliance with net metering

- Real time monitoring system which will help Ushva in collecting a large amount of relevant energy data both on the production side as well as consumption side which will help Ushva in better analysis of energy flow by adopting the Big Data approach

- Inbuilt and integrated Intelligent Energy Management System (implementation of IoT) leading towards more efficient use of home appliances by automatic appliance scheduling