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Telephone Directory

Board line: +91 (22) 2572 2545

International callers please use (+91) for the country code for India, (22) as the city code for Mumbai. National callers outside the Mumbai must use the city code along with the STD access code (0): 022. In the following tables, most of the numbers are reachable from outside IIT Bombay by dialling +91 (22) 2576 ABCD, and replacing ABCD by the four digit extension given below.

The latest telephone directory can also be obtained by a search through this interface.

Academic Section

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Actg .Dy. Registrar (Academic)704180349833118801
2Pa To Dy.Registrar (Acd)7043  
3Asst. Registrar V. G. Kowe404280769819974042
4Astt. Registrar (U.G.) Korde Umesh704280439833086661
5Convener (Ugapec)4009  
6Office (Ug Unit)7045  
7Pg Unit Office7044  
8Phd Admission7066  
9Supdt (Pg Unit)7924  
10Supdt. (Pg Unit)7059  
11Supdt (Pg Unit)7046  
12Supdt (Ug Unit)7058  
13Ug Unit4014  
14Ug Unit4016  
15Ug Unit4015  


Accounts Section

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Dy Registrar (F & A) Ramesh P G795080879819807936
2Pa To Dy. Reg. (F & A)7951  
3Asstt. Registrar (F & A) Ajay Prased7952 9930487952
4Asstt. Registrar (F & A) Ms. Prema Rajan7954  
5Asstt. Registrar (F & A) Romani I.795380089769697954
6Despatch Unit7913  
7Edp Cell7959  
8Final Accounts Unit I7956  
9Final Accounts Unit Ii7928  
10Misc Bill Unit I7925  
11Misc. Bill Unit Ii7926  
12Rbs Unit I7960  
13R.B.S. Unit Ii4069  
14Salary Unit I7914  
15Salary Unit Ii7967  
16Salary Unit Iii7955  
17Salary Unit Iv7919  
18Scholarship Unit4018  
19Scholarship Unit I7962  
20Scholarship Unit Ii4064  
21Stores Bills Unit I7918  
22Stores Bill Unit Ii7958  
23Works Bills Unit7961  


Administration Section I

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Dy. Registrar (Admn. I) Ms. Indu Saxena7931 9833177015
2Pa To Dy Registrar (Admn.I)7942  
3Asstt. Registrar (Admn.I) Shinde M. P.794680549619497946
4Co Ordinator (Pt & D) C. P. Jogalekar793080309833117930
5Legal Office7941  
6Pt & D Cell7014  
7Supdt. (Recruitment) Faculty & Group A Officers7934  
8Recruitment Cell(Faculty)7943  
9Financial Assistance & Recruitment Group A7945  
10Supdt. (Estt. Unit ) Faculty & Group A Officers7932  
11Establishment Unit (Faculty & Group A)7943  
12Rti Office4026  
13Supdt. (Ltc/Ta/Medical/Advances Unit))7935  


Administration Section Ii

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Dy. Registrar (Admn Ii) K. K. Bajre701580659833037473
2Pa To Dy. Registrar (Admn Ii)4023  
3Asst. Registrar (Admn Ii) Vinod Prasad79368028 
4Asstt. Registrar (Admn Iii) P. V. Juwekar793380539819357930
5Supdt. (Estt., Group B & C)4056  
6Supdt. (Estt., Group D)4024  
7Establishment Unit (Group B & C)4021/4023  
8Establishment Unit (Group D)4025  
9Supdt. (Recruitment) Group B, C & D7940  
10Supdt. (Transport Unit)7940  
11Recruitment Unit (Group B, C, D)7940  
12Uniform Unit7947  
13Dispatch & Publication Unit7938  
14Driver Room7949  
16Transport Unit7937  


Aerospace Engineering

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
4Arya Hemendra71188118 
5Bodi Kowsik71268126 
6Chatterjee A.71288128 
7Guruprasad P J71428142 
8Hablani Hari71108110 
9Joshi A71138113 
10Lakkad S C7107  
11Mandal J. C.71298129 
12Mitra Mira71178117 
13Mujumdar P. M.71168116 
14Naik N K7114  
15Pant R K71278127 
16Prabhu Ramchandran71218121 
17Pradeep A M71258125 
18Roy B71158115 
19Sharma S D7123  
20Shevare G R71128112 
21Shimpi R P7119  
22Sinha K71358135 
23Sudarshan Kumar71248124 
24Sudhakar K71118111 
25Viren Menezes71308130 
26Conference Room (Office)7145  
27Adcl Lab4141  
28Aerodynamics Group Office (Annexe)4111  
29Aerodynamics Lab4131  
30Aircraft Production Lab4104  
31Carpentary Lab (Basement Annexe)4110  
32Cfd Lab (Annexe)4144  
33Cfd Seminar Room (Aero Annex)4134  
34Combusion Lab4107  
35Compressor Room4135  
36Computer Room (Instrumentation Lab)4148  
37Computer Room (Propulsion Lab)4139  
38Computer Room (Structure Lab)4113  
39Drawing Office4136  
40High Speed Aerodynamics Lab4114  
41Iitb Student Satellite Project4147  
42Instrumentation Lab4112  
43Instrumentation Lab Workshop4108  
44L D V Lab (Annexe)4138  
45Lta Lab4125  
46Pg Hall4128  
47Phd Students Room4124  
48Production Lab4106  
49Propulsion Lab4118  
50Reserch Scholar Room (Cfd Lab)4126  
51Structure Lab4109  
52Structures Lab (Utm Room)4137  
53System Administrator4133  
54Visiting Room-4143  
55Wind Tunnel Lab (Basement)4127  


Alumni Association

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Ceo Alumni Association7019  
2Alumni Office7086  
3Pan Iit Alumni India4874  


Application Software Cell

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Asc Incharge4747  
3Project Manager40038052 
4Progarmmer Room4745  
5Technical Support1256  


Audit Section

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Asstt Registrar Adagle D B7920257076239833118942
2External Auditor40104011 
3Sr. Audit Officer Chabuswar.A792180339819383548


Campus School

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Principal, Campus School, Ms.Bhagwat A.S89908005 
2Vice Principal4098  
4Secondary Supervisor8993  
5K G School Incharge8913  
6K.G. School8991  


Casde (Aero)

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
3Ra'S Room7841  
4Sinha Anirudh7103  
5Ims Lab4856  
6Visiting Faculty Room4855  


Cash Section

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Incharge Mr.Dalvi S.D79298007 
2Bill Enquiry4057  
3Cash Section7917  
4Cheque Enquiry7957  



No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
3Producer Kalwankar Arun78118811 
4Technical Officer490289029820365344
5Web Coordinatotr4819  
7Cdeep Studio (Gaitonde Bldg)4835  
8Cdeep Video Lab4810  
9Media Lab4813  
10Video Lab4811  
11Video Lab Sahana Murthy48608591 
12Web Lab4820  


Center For Urban Science Engineering

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Office (Cuse)9301  
2Chakraborty Arnab9333  
3Jain Monika9330  
4Jana Arnab9331  
5Ronita Bardhan9332  


Central Library

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Librarian Jotwani D.892080969819808920
3Dy. Librarian (Book Acq) Waydande H S893680619769928936
4Dy. Librarian (Reference) Engole L P8922 9930388922
5Dy. Librarian (Tech Processing) Ms. Kulkarni S D893580279920968935
6Asst. Librarian (Book Aquisition) Ranjit Kumar Das892480799819768924
7Asst Librarian (Circulation)8933  
8Asst.Librarian(Journal Sec.) Manju Naika892980739820628929
9Library Information Officer8934  
10Library Information Officer Kamble89268075 
11Library Informattion Officer (Journal Sec.)89278073 
12Sr. Library Inf. Asst. (Engole L P)89268074 
13Bindery Section8923  
14Book Acquisition Section8925  
15Check Point2745  
16Computer Room8928  
17Pamphlet Section8937  
18Photocopying Facility8930  


Central School

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Commissioner (Kvs)8982  


Centre For Enviornmental Science & Engg. (Cese)

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
3Asolekar Shyam R78678867 
4Chandel Munish K7856  
5Chaudhary S78558855 
6Dikshit A K78628862 
7Garg Anurag78618861 
8Karmakar Subhankar78578857 
9Lokesh Padhye7853  
10Mukherji S (Ms)78548767 
11Patil R S (Ms)78588569 
12Phuleria Harish5851  
13Sethi Virendra78098809 
14Sumathi S (Ms)7859  
15Aerosol Lab4863  
16Air Pollution Monitoring Lab4858  
17Biogas Lab4862  
18Bioremediation Lab4861  
19Chemistry Lab4869  
20Computer (Library)4864  
21Conference Room4817  
22Environmental Micro Biology Lab4854  
23Instrumentation Lab -14857  
24Instrumentation Lab - 24853  
25Micro Biology Lab4851  
26New Lab4818  
27Pg Lab (Second Floor)4865  
28Pmbm Tcs Lab4852  


Centre For Formal Design & Verification Of Software (Cfdvs)

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Hod Sivakumar G.87008725 
3Chakraborty S4787  
4Krishna S (Ms)47778739 
5Cfdvs Lab8709  


Centre For Reserch Nano Technology & Science (Crnts)

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
4Aiyar R P R C76548654 
5Chemical Lab 210b4684  
6Computational Lab.4693  
7Dip Pen Lithography Lab4666  
8Furnace Lab.4680  
9High Res Temp4690  
10Icpms Lab4661  
11Lan Server4672  
12Magneto Optics Lab4691  
13Microscopy Lab4695  
14Microwave Measurement Lab4690  
15Sample Preparation Lab4683  
16S P M Lab4685  
17Thick Film Lab4699  
18Thin Film Lab4687  
19Tissue Cell Culture Lab4662  


Centre For Technology Alternatives In Rural Areas

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
3Arora Amit72938293 
4Jadhav Priya (Ms)72918291 
5Narayanan N C78428842 
6Rao Anand B78778877 
7Rao Bakul7830  
8Sardeshpande Vishal7294  
9Shah N G78748874 
10Wagle Subodh7873  
11Computer Lab4742  
12Ctara Workshop4873  
13Food Processing Lab4216  


Centre Of Studies In Resource Engg.

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
4Isro Cell Office7666  
5Adinarayana J76898689 
6Avik Bhattacharya76778677 
7Gedam S S7685  
8Inamdar A B76828682 
9Khire M V76758675 
10Mohan B.K.76848684 
11Mukherji S. (Ms.)76678667 
12Murti M V R76888688 
13Nagarajan R76818681 
14Porwal Alok76738673 
15Rao Y S76838683 
16Surya Durbha76798679 
17Venkatachalam P (Ms)7665  
18Venkataraman G76868686 
19Agro-Informatics Lab I4655  
20Agro-Informatics Lab Ii4652  
21Chemical Aas Lab4656  
22Digital Cartography Lab4658  
23Driver Room4659  
24Earth Science Lab4671  
25Geo Matics Lab4673  
26Gis Lab4668  
27Image Processing Lab4676  
28Isro-Iitb Cell4651  
29Pg Computer Room4653  
30Sapatial Analysis Lab4669  
31Staff Room Second Floor4654  
32Terrain Evaluation Lab4660  
33Water Resources Lab4677  
34Xrf Lab4679  


Chemical Engineering

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
3Chemical Stores7206  
4Adhikari Jhumpa72458245 
5Bandopadhay R.72098209 
6Bellare Jayesh R7207  
7Bhartiya Sharad72258225 
8Chandra Venkataraman (Ms)72248224 
9Chatterjee Abhijit7242  
10Goswami Parthsarathi7230  
11Govardhana Rao V7220  
12Gudi Ravindra D7231  
13Gundabala Venkat7208  
14Jadhav Sameer72198219 
15Janaky Narayanan7234  
16Juvekar V A72368236 
17Kane S G7235  
18Khakhar D. V.72128000 
19Madhu Vinjamur72188218 
20Mahajani S M72468246 
21Malani Ateeque72058205 
22Malik R.K.7796  
23Mani Bhushan72148214 
24Mehra A.72178217 
25Mehra Sarika72218135 
26Moharir A. S.77958795 
27Moudgalya Kanann72138213 
28Mukhopadhyay M (Ms)72488248 
29Naik V M (Vf)7210  
30Nanavati Hemant J7215  
31Noronha Santosh B72388238 
32Patwardhan S C72118211 
33Roy Sandip72498249 
34Sarkar Arindam72338233 
35Seth Jyoti Ravishankar72268226 
36Shastri Yogendra7203  
37Sunthar P.72298229 
38Suprit Saini72168216 
39Suresh A K72408240 
40Thaokar Rochish72418241 
41Tirumkudulu Mahesh72278227 
42Tripathy Mukta7204  
43Venkatesh K V72238223 
44Viswanathan Ganesh A.72228222 
45Wangikar P P72328232 
46Aerosol Reserch Lab4265  
47Aersol Research Lab4239  
48Automation Computer Room4229  
49Automation Lab4218  
50Biochemical Engg. Office4206  
51Bio Chemical Lab4205/4227  
52Biomolecular Engg. Lab4209  
53Bio System Engg. Lab4248  
54Cad Centre East Wing 14790  
55Cad Centre East Wing 24793  
56Cad Centre East Wing 34792  
57Cad Centre Office7790  
58Cad Centre (Reception)7791  
59Cad Centre West Wing 14794  
60Cad Centre West Wing 28791  
61Cellulose Lab4219  
62Cellulose Lab, R.No.1054241  
63Computer Room4224  
64Electro- Chemical Lab4236  
65Electro - Chemical Lab(Tcs)4245  
66Finished Lab Silicate4286  
67Fluid Mechanics Lab4232  
68Fm Lab R.No.151, Computer Room4238  
69Fuel Tech Lab4234  
70Glass Blowing (Tcs)4233  
71Heat Transfer Lab4235  
72Hrtem Lab4266  
73Inorganic Process Lab Ii4240  
74Lab F1 Bay4212  
75Lab Project N1 Bay4211  
76Lab S2 Bay421342074249
78Mass Transfer Lab4215  
79Membrane Lab4208  
80Micro Lab4226  
81Ongc Lab4230  
82Organic Procee Engg. Lab4243  
83Organic Procee Engg. Lab, R.No.2254225  
84Organic Process Lab4221  
85Polymar Lab4201  
86Process Engg. Lab4223  
87Protein Engg. Lab4246  
88Reaction Engg. Lab4231  
89S2 Bay Pilot Plant4220  
90S2 Bay Workshop Side4249  
91Silicate Computer Lab.4202  
92Silicate Lab Computer Lab4204  
93Silicate Lab Wet Lab4203  
94Silicate Tech Lab4217  
95System Administrator4237  
96Tcs Environmental Science Engg. Lab4859  
97Techonology Dev. Mission4228  
98Thermodynamics Lab4222  
99Thermodynamics Lab Ug4247  
100Thermodynamics Nano Lab4264  
101Tissue Culture Lab4245  
102Ug Lab S-2 Bay4207  



No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
4Anil Kumar71538153 
5Balakrishna M S71818181 
6Carl Otis Trindle4174  
7Chowdhury A71548154 
8Contractor A Q7170  
9Datta Anindya71498149 
10Datta S N71568156 
11David Wilson7191  
12Debabrata Maiti71558155 
13Durani S.7164  
14Fernandes Rodney71748174 
15Gharpure Santosh71718171 
16Ghosh Prasanjit71788178 
17Kaliappan K P71778177 
18Kotha Sambashivarao71608160 
19Kulkarni Suvarn71668166 
20Lahiri G K71598159 
21Mahesh Lakshman7169  
22Maheshwaran Shanmugam71878187 
23Mathur P.7180  
24Mishra M K7158  
25Murugwel R.71638163 
26Namboorthiri N N71968196 
27Nand Kishore71578157 
28Patwari Naresh71828182 
29Pradeepkumar P I71848184 
30Rajaraman Gopal71838183 
31Rajarshi Chakrabarti71928192 
32Rao C P71628162 
33Ravikanth M71768176 
34Ruchi Anand7165  
35Sandeep Kar71938193 
36Sasidhar Y U71798179 
37Selvam P71558155 
38Singh A.K.71678167 
39Singh H B71908190 
40Singh V71688168 
41S S Krishnamurthy7175  
42Sunoj R.B.71738173 
43Tembe B.L.71898189 
44Analysis Lab R.No.3214123  
45Bio-Chemistry Lab4119  
46Bio-Inorganic Lab4197  
47Biomembrances Res.Lab.4177  
48Bio Organic Lab4145  
49Bio-Organic Lab4168  
50Bio-Organic Lab4171  
51Central Facility Lab4153/4159  
52Chemical Physics Lab4191  
53Computational Chemistry Lab4130  
54Computer Lab (Main)4182  
55Co-Ordination Lab4121  
56Dtatga Lab4158  
57Electro - Chemistry Lab4193  
58Emeriturs Professor'S Room4172  
59Eswars Reserch Lab4180  
60First Year U.G. Lab4183  
61General Structure4142  
62Glyco Chemistry Lab4146  
63Gopalan Rajaraman Lab4149  
64Homogenious Catalysis Lab4129  
65Inorganic Research Lab4175  
66Mass Spectrometer Lab R.No.3744156  
67Molec Dynamics Lab.4199  
68Msc Organic Lab4160  
69M. Sc. Organic Lab R.No.4294157  
70M.Sc.(Org/Inorg) Lab4185  
71Nmr Lab Room No.1474154  
72Organic Reasearch Lab(404)4181  
73Organic Reasearch Lab(408)4186  
74Organic Reasearch Lab(411)4162  
75Organic Reasearch Lab(414)4164  
76Organic Reasearch Lab(418)4187  
77Organic Reasearch Lab(418b)4163  
78Organic Reasearch Lab(421)4166  
79Organic Reasearch Lab(425)4198  
80Organic Systhesis Lab, R.No.4154196  
81Organometallics Lab4167/4179  
82Organomet. & Mat. Lab4120  
83Phosphorus Lab4184  
84Physical Chem. Lab4194  
85Physical Lab, 3rd Floor ,4364155  
86Polymer Synthesis Lab4165  
87Propagator Lab4169  
88Protein Dynamics Lab4176  
89Protein Seq. Lab4195  
90Single Module Imaging & Spectroscopy Lab4151  
91Solar Lab (308)4173  
92Solid State Lab4188  
93Solid State Lab (Phy.17)4191  
94Structural Biochemistry Lab4140  
95Theoretical Chem Lab4170  
96Ultrafast Dynamic Lab4161  
99Xray Lab4152  
100X-Ray Lab (Tcs)4116  
101X-Ray Lab (Tcs)4117  


Civil Engineering

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
3Pa To Hod7303  
5Bajoria K M73328332 
6Balaji R73218321 
7Banerjee Sauvik73438343 
8Banerji P.73348334 
9Behera Manasa Ranjan73138313 
10Chandiramani N.K.73118311 
11Choudhury Deepankar73358335 
12Dasaka S. Murthy73168316 
13Deo M C73308330 
14Desai Y M73338333 
15Dewaikar D M73258325 
16Dhingra S L7329  
17Eldho T I73398339 
18Ghosh Siddhartha73098309 
19Ghosh Subimal73198319 
20Gopal Rao K7312  
21Goyal A73428342 
22Gupta Kapil73248324 
23Inamdar Mandar73148314 
24Jangid R S73468346 
25Juneja Ashish73278327 
26Jyoti Prakash V.73158315 
27Kant Tarun7310  
28Maji Avijit7338  
29Mandal J N73288328 
30Mishra S.K.73268326 
31Nagendra Rao Velaga73418341 
32Pani Bidya Sagar7318  
33Patil Gopal73088308 
34Porwal Pankaj73178317 
35Prakash Nathagopalan73238323 
36Raaj Ramsankaran73488348 
37Raje Deepashree7337  
38Rao E P73458345 
39Rao K V Krishnarao73058305 
40Rastogi A.K.73318331 
41Reddy M J73208320 
42Singh Dharamveer73048304 
43Singh D N73408340 
44Sinha R73368336 
45Srividya A73478876 
46Tom V M73498349 
47Vedagiri P.73078307 
48Venkatachalam G7322  
49Viswanadham B V S73448344 
50Advanced Geotechnical Lab4320  
51Advance & Dynamic Sim Testing Lab4305  
52Artificial Intelligent Lab4324  
53Composite Mech Lab.4337  
54Drawing Office4313  
55Environmental Geo Mech Lab4317  
56Experimental Mechanics Lab.4338  
57Faculty Computer Lab4316  
58Geodesy & Remote Sensing Division4319  
59Geotech Engg. Lab4347  
60Geotechnical Lab4306  
61Gps Lab4314  
62Heavy Stuctures Lab4323  
63Hydraulics Lab (Vmcc)4301  
65Ngcf Control Room4304  
66Ngcf First Floor4355  
67Ngcf Inst. Room4312  
68Ngcf Office I4311  
69Ngcf Office Ii4345  
70Ngcf Workshop4344  
71P G Computing Lab4325  
72Photogrammetry Lab4333  
73Project Computer Lab 14309  
74Project Computer Lab 24349  
75Remote Sensing Lab4331  
76Research Scholars Office4310  
77Semt Lab4318  
78Soil Lab43714372 
79Students Computer Lab4328  
80Survey Lab4319  
81Transportation Engg. Lab 14348  
82Transportation Engg. Lab 24322  
83Water Resources Engg Lab 14302  
84Water Resources Engg Lab 24321  
85Water Resources Hydraulics Lab4303  


Computer Center

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
3Jena A K875080689819088068
4Maharana J P775380639920278063
5Senior Data Processor7752  
6Tirmare Pradeep410080699819928069
7Mb Hardware Team4723 9820576780
8Mb System Administator4759  
9Network Administrator2860  
10Network/System Administrators2677 9930370623
11System Administrator4753  
12Hpc Facility Server Room4702  


Computer Sci. & Engineering

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
2Office Kr Building7901/7902  
3Office Old Cse Building7701/7702/2771  
5Adsul Bharat77128712 
6Akshay S77118711 
7Apte Varsha (Ms)77318731 
8Arya Kavi79098909 
9Ashutosh Trivedi79158915 
10Awate Suyash7703  
11Bellur Umesh78658865 
12Bhagirath Narhari7723  
13Bhattacharya P77188718 
14Biswas S77158715 
15Chakraborty Supratik77218721 
16Charabarti Soumen77168716 
17Chaudhuri Paragkumar77198719 
18Chebula Kameshwari79768976 
19Damani Om P79488948 
20Dhamdhere D.M.77248724 
21Diwan A.A.77208720 
22Gumaste Ashwin79118911 
23Iyer Sridhar79058905 
24Joshi R.K.77308730 
25Khedker Uday P77178717 
26Krithivasan Ramamritham77408740 
27Kulkarni Purushottam79108910 
28Limaye Nutan77328732 
29Menezes Bernard L7906  
30Mythili Vutukuru79738973 
31Phatak Deepak B77478747 
32Poorvi Vora7733  
33Rajwade Ajit7981  
34Raman Bhaskar79088908 
35Ramkrishnan Ganesh7728  
36Ranade A.G.77348734 
37Saketha Nath79038903 
38Sanyal A77078707 
39Sarawage Sunita (Ms)79048904 
40Sarda N L77108710 
41Sharat Chandran77268726 
42Sivakumar G.77258725 
43Sohoni M A77298729 
44Srinivas Aluru79078907 
45Srinivasan Sriram7713  
46Sudarshan S.77148714 
47Sundar Viswanathan77278727 
48Aakash Lab4708  
49Ada Lab (Sic 213)4937  
50Affordable It Solutions (Asl)4988/4987  
51A I Lab4749  
52Asl Lab Gr Floor4932  
53Auditorium Foyer4909  
54Business Incubator4985  
55C-Deep Office (Kr Building)4903  
57Circular Hall4906  
58Computer Lab (Bme)4739  
59Computer Room (Cc)5677  
60Consultant (Ekalavya)4993  
61Development Informatics Lab4989  
62Erts Lab4986  
63Experimentation & Measurement Lab4711  
64F C Kohli Auditorium4911  
65Gcc Resource Centre4710  
66Gcc Resource Centre4730  
67Gis Lab4915  
68Gnl Lab4717  
69Graphics Lab4709  
70Impact Office (Samrat Ganguly)4737  
71Informatics Lab4743  
72Keyboard (Old Cse Building)2780  
73Lecture Hall4905  
75Library (Old Cse Building)4703  
76M. Tech. Lab (Sic 209)4955  
77M. Tech. Lab (Sic 210)4970  
78M. Tech. Lab (Sic 212)4957  
79M. Tech. Lab (Sic 309)4967  
80M. Tech. Lab (Sic 310)4908  
81M. Tech. Lab (Sic 312)4974  
82M. Tech. Lab (Sic 313)4977  
83Networking Lab (Sic-401a)4914  
84Networking Lab (Sic-401b)4990  
85Networks Lab4734  
86Open Source Innovation Lab4924  
87Oscar Lab4958  
88Os Complier Lab4748  
89Phatak Sir Ext Lab4931  
90Phatak Sir Office4933  
91Project Manager4904  
92Project Manager (Eklavya)4982  
93Project Manager (Eklavya)4983  
94Research Scholars Lab Sia2054929  
95Reserch Scholar Wing4910/4966  
96Security Room (Kresit)2784  
97Seminar Hall4912  
98Software Lab I4733  
99Software Lab Ii4724  
100Sr. Accounts Manager49648508 
101Studio Manager (Eklavya)49138013 
102Studio Team (Eklavya)4920  
103System Administrator4720  
104System Administrator (S/W)4705  
105System Manager4984  
106Tcs Lab4728  


Continuing Education & Quality Improvement Program (Cep)

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Professor Incharge7006  
2Senior Superintendent7047 9819113086
3Cep Office7060  
4Qip Office7048  


Dean(Academic Programme)

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Dean (Academic Programmes)7040  
2Associate Dean (Ap)7007  
3Pa To Dean (Ap)7049  


Dean (Administrative Affairs)

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Dean (Aa)7008  
2Dean (Aa) Office5008  
3Dewan Sharad (Osd) Erp4061  


Dean (Alumni & Corporate Relations)

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Dean (Alumni & Corporate Relations)7099  
2Pa To Dean (Acr)7023  
3Dean Office (Database)7078  
4Executive Finance Officer7077  
5Office4881 25720208
6Office (Accounts)4088  
7Chief Development Officer4882  
8Development Office4870  
9Officer On Special Duty4883  
10Executive Officer4889  


Dean (Faculty)

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Dean (Faculty Affairs)7004  


Dean (Infrastructure Planning & Support)

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Dean (Infrastructure Planning & Support7080  
2Pa To Dean (Ips)7089  
3Assoicate Dean-I (Ips)7018  
4Pa To Assoicate Dean7082  
5Assoicate Dean-Ii (Ips)7081  
6Chief Officer7017  
7K. Lakshminarayanan (Osd)4067  
8Osd (Arun Borkar)4007  
9Pa To Chief Officer4017  
10Officer On Special Duty7065  
11Officer On Special Duty7093  
13Pa To Osd7094  
14Design Cell7012  


Dean (International Relations)

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Dean (International Relations)7075  
2Ex. Officer4074  


Dean (Research & Development)

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Dean (Research & Development)7030  
2Pa To Dean R&D7039  
3Associate Dean (R&D)7031  
4Asst. Registrar (Dean R & D) Savita Patki406280329819857935
5Asst Registrar (Shivkamini Sunderesen)703280319769257032
7Dean R&D Office2789  
8Dean R&D Office7038  
11Ircc (R&D)7024  
12Officer-Technical Section (Arumugam V)7029 9819967029
13R&D Office / Accounts7035  
14Research Solution (Dean R&D) Admin4523  
15Technical Officer4039  
16Technical Officer (Padma Satish V)7033 9769257033


Dean (Students Affairs)

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Dean (Students Affairs)7070  
2Pa To Dean (Sa)7079  
3Student Counsellor (Amita Tagare)707180859004967244


Deputy Director Office (Aia)

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Dy. Director (Academic & Infrastructural Affairs70108010 
2Pa To Dy. Director7011  
3Dy. Director Office7013  


Deputy Director Office (Fea)

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Deputy Director (Finance And External Affairs)70908440 
2Pa To Dy. Director7091  


Director Office

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
2Ps To Director70018067 
3Pa To Director & Office70028001 
4Direcotrs Office (Gen)7005  


Earth Science

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
3Banerjee S72828282 
4Bharat C Shekhar7296  
5Biswal T.K.72808280 
6Chandrasekharam D72638263 
7Chandrasekhar E.72578257 
8Dutta Surendra72788278 
9George Mathew72758275 
10Jadhav G.N.72738273 
11Kumar Hemant Singh7283  
12Malay Mukul72608260 
13Mohan G72748274 
14Pandalai H.S.72658265 
15Pande Kanchan72768276 
16Patel S C72708270 
17Prabhakar Narag7295  
18Radhakrishna M.72618261 
19Ramkrishnan D.72558255 
20Sahu B K7266  
21Saraswati P K72688268 
22Sheth H C7264  
23Singh T N72718271 
24Soumyajit Mukherjee72818281 
25Visiting Faculty (C H Mehta)72588258 
26Ar-Ar Geocronology Lab4262  
27Ar-Ar Geocronology Lab4263  
28Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Lab4295  
29Computer Room4281  
30Economic Geology Lab4273  
31Electric & Electro Magnetic Lab4292  
32Exploration Geophy. Lab4275  
33Field Equipment & Toposheet Lab4296  
34Fluid Inclusion Lab4289  
35Geo Chemistry Lab4272  
36Geomorphology & Remote Sensing Lab4277  
37Gravity & Magnetic Lab4291  
38Icp Lab4274  
39Igneous Petrology & Volcanology Lab4293  
40Mathematical Geology Lab4287  
41Metamorphic Petrolium Lab4288  
42Micropalaeontology Lab4276  
43Microscopy Lab4255  
44Minerology & Techtonics Lab4284  
45Non-Magnetic Lab4264  
46Organic Geochemistry Lab4256  
47Rock Sci. & Rock Engg. Lab.4290  
48Sample Preparation Lab4260  
49Sedimentology Lab4261  
50Seismology & Expl Geophy Lab4275  
51Sem & Edax Lab4279  
53Structural Geology Lab4278  
54Xrd Lab4285  


Electrical Engineering

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
3Inup Office4435  
5Agarwal V74228422 
6Agashe S D7411  
7Animesh Kumar7407  
8Anshuman Shukla74158415 
9Apte P R74428442 
10Arjun Arunachalam7496  
11Baghini M S74258425 
12Belur Madhu74048404 
13Bhaskaran Muralidharan94118411 
14Borkar V S94058405 
15Chakraborty Debraj74208420 
16Chakraborty Subhanand74218421 
17Chandorkar A N74418441 
18Chandorkar M C74758475 
19Chaporkar Prasanna74498449 
20Chatterjee Kishore74728472 
21Chaudhuri S74378437 
22Desai M74238423 
23Desai U B74148414 
24Dey B. K.74298429 
25Duttagupta S P7866  
26Farnandes B G74288428 
27Gadre V.M.74268426 
28Ganguly Swaroop7403  
29Ganguly Udayan76988698 
30Girish Kumar74368436 
31Gupta Shalabh74998499 
32Iwai Hirosh7447  
33Joseph John74488448 
34Karandikar A74398439 
35Kasabekar G S9407  
36Kavassseri Rajesh7405  
37Khaprade S A74348434 
38K L Narsimhan94108410 
39Kottantharayil Anil74388438 
40Kulkarni A M74168416 
41Kulkarni S V74308430 
42Loha Apurba94088408 
43Mahapatra S.74128412 
44Manjunath D74278427 
45Merchant S.N.74558455 
46Mukherjee Jayanta74798479 
47Narayan H.74318431 
48Palkar V R (Ms)7413  
49Pandey P C74458445 
50Patil M B74468695 
51Patkar Sachin74908490 
52Pillai H74248424 
53Pradeep Nair9406  
54Rajendran Bipin94098409 
55Ramgopal Rao V74568456 
56Rao Preeti (Ms)76958695 
57Richard Pinto7418  
58Saha Dipankar74438443 
59Saraph G P7410  
60Saravanan Vijayakumaran74988498 
61Sharma D K7432  
62Shevgaonkar R K74408440 
63Sibi Raj Pillai74198419 
64Singh Virendra94328432 
65Soman S A74358435 
66Sourabh Lodha74608460 
67Subramanian L.R.7483  
68Sule V R7492  
69Tulapurkar Ashwin74059445 
70Vasi J M7408  
71Velumurugan Rajababu74448444 
72Visiting Faculty4400  
73Post Docteral Fellow4451  
74Visiting Faculty (Gg)7417  
75Advanced Measurement Lab4492  
76Antenna Lab4430  
77Applied Mat. Nano Mfg. Lab4402  
78Applied Power Electronic Lab I4440  
79Applied Power Electronic Lab Ii4436  
80Bharti Centre For Communication44654466 
81Bharti Centre For Communication44674469 
82Characterisation Lab4481  
83Characterisation Lab Ii4419  
84Circuits & Systems Lab4427  
85Clean Room Facility I4405  
86Clean Room Facility Ii4493  
87Clean Room Facility Iii4464  
88Communication Lab4428  
89Computer Room4443  
90Contol & Comuting Lab I4421  
91Contol & Comuting Lab Ii4427  
92Digital Audio Processing Lab4414  
93Digital Auto Processing Lab Iii4670  
94Electronic Instrumentation Lab4497  
95Faculty Tea Room4434  
96Fibre Optics Lab4495  
97Field Computing Lab4424  
98High Performance Computing Lab4408  
100Insulation Dignostic & High Voltage Lab4431  
101Machine Lab4422  
102Mems Tcad Lab4471  
103Microelectronics Clean Room4498  
104Microelectronics Computation4483  
105Microelectronics Engr.'S Room4474  
106Microelectronics Office (Annexe)4441  
107Microelectronics Office (Annexe)4482  
108Micro Electronic Staff Roomannexe4472  
109Microwave Lab4433  
110Nano Electronics Lab4464  
111Nano Lab4411  
112Ncpre Unit 14476  
113Ncpre Unit 24475  
114Ncpre Unit 3114479  
115Ncpre Unit 3124480  
116Networking Lab4413  
117Network Lab4438  
118New Cc Server Room4404  
119New Nano Technology Building44884489 
120Pcb Lab4429  
121Pc Lab4443  
122Pc Server Room2756  
123Powai Labs4490  
124Power Electronic Computation Lab4425  
125Power Electronics Hardware Lab4494  
126Power Electronics Lab4426  
127Power Electronics Lab I4423  
128Power System Computtational Lab4445  
129Power System Lab4485  
130Research Scholoars' Room4437  
131Scanning Em Lab4477  
132Seminar Hall (Booking)4420  
133Spann Lab I4491  
134Spann Lab Ii4478  
135Spi Lab4417  
136Switch Gear Lab4416  
137Tcs Characterisation Lab4415  
138Telematics Project Lab4448  
139Thin Film Processing Lab4487  
140Ti Dsp Lab4486  
141Ultrasonic Instn. Lab4407  
142Vacuum Arc Lab4406  
143Vip Lab Electrical4418  
144Vision & Image Processing Lab4439  
145Vlsi Lab I4720  
146Vlsi Lab Ii4468  
147Vlsi Office4713  
148Wel 14403  
149Wel 24412  
150Wel 3a4484  
151Wel 3b4449  
152Wel 44409  
153Wel Lab Manager4499  
154Workshop N5 Bay4410  


Electrical Maintenance Division

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Executive Engineer (Elect) Sahoo B K797080709833137970
3Ac Maintenance (Aero)2842  
5Meter Reading Section4079  
6Jr. Engineer (Ac) Azaruddin Sayyad Hashmi4975  
7Sr. Asstt Engineer (E/M)798080669833898425
8Sr. Foreman (A/C) Nadim Azam797880789833898422
9Sr. Tech. Sup. (E/M) M. K. Mohandas798680849833898424
10Sr. Tech. Sup. (Res. & Hostel Area) A K Yadav796680669833898425
11Asst. Engg. Yashada M. Naik4971 9833898426
12Jr. Engineer (Academic Area) R B Adhare497380499833898419
13Jr. Engineer (Academic Area) Vaidya P. P.79448082 
14Jr Engineer (Main Power House) Gandoshi M798280869833898427
15Asstt. Engr. (E/M) B M Kamble497280729833898428
16A/C Maintenance7979  
17A/C Plant (Library Bldg.)2180  
18A/C Plant (Pc Saxena Hall)2172  
19Booster Pump House (Sewerage)2178  
20Elec. Service Centre (Acd Area)7944  
21Elec. Service Centre (Hostel Area)2182  
22Elec. Service Centre (Res Area)7966  
23Firealarm Vlsi Lab1199  
24Main Pump House (Water)2179  
25Receiving Station (Power House)7977  
26Stores (Elect)7988  
27Sub Station (Acre)2175  
28Sub Station (Aerospace)2174  
29Sub Station (Chemical)2177  
30Sub Station (Hostel 12/135182   
31Sub Station (Hostel Area)2173  
32Sub Station (Kresit)2170  
33Sub Station (Lake Side)2176  
34Sub Station (Lecture Complex)2183  
35Vmcc Emd Ips Admn Room2810  


Energy Science & Engineering

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
31 Million Solar Office4847  
4Anuradda Ganesh (Ms)78868886 
5Bandyopadhyay Santanu78948894 
6Banerjee R78838883 
7Bose Manswita7847  
8Doolla Suryanarayana78728872 
9Ghosh P C78968896 
10Gupta Rajesh78378837 
11Kavaipatti Balasubramaniam R.7808  
12Kedare S B7835  
13Mitra Sagar78498849 
14Nayak J K78818881 
15Neergat Manoj78938893 
16Sarkar Shaibal K.7846  
17Sarma Sankara V76728672 
18Sharma Pratibha (Ms)78988898 
19Singh Suneet78438843 
20Solanki Chetan Singh78958895 
21Venkatasailanathan R78758875 
221 Million Solar Urja Lamps4849  
23Battery Lab4898  
24Biomass Lab4893  
25Cummins Engine Research Facility4506  
26Dese Office(Old Stationary Block)4899  
27Ese Lab7890  
28Ese Research Scholar Lab4539  
29Fuel Cell Lab4897  
30Infrared Thermography Lab4896  
31National Solar Thermal Power Project4894  
32Ongc (Vcg) Lab4230  
33Power Engg Lab4876  
34Solar Lab4887  
35Urja Computational4888  


Estate Office

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Superintending Engineer V B Mamdapur7990 9820359728
3Office Work Unit4095  
4Asst. Registrar Sawalkar D K7927 9833523230
5Executive Engineer4085  
6Executive Engineer (Civil) K P Uninathan403080889833898404
7Executive Engineer Pradeep Narayan4998  
8Asstt. Engineer (Academic Area) V G Pawar7969 9833898416
9Asstt. Engineer (Central & Lakeside) C S Ramesh799280949769898402
10Asstt. Engineer (Civil) D P Shimpi799880719833898406
11Asstt. Engineer (Hill Side) Pradip Kumar7998 9833898407
12Asstt. Engineer (Hostel Maint. Unit) P S Chavan7995 9833898408
13Asstt. Engineer (Main Bldg) N W Owal7098 9833898405
14Jr. Engineer (Hostel Maint. Unit) Pankaj Bhosle7995 9833898409
15Jr. Engineer (Academic) Priya Chudnaik7968 9619685108
16Jr. Engineer (Acad. & Resi. Area) L M Patil7994 9920438984
17Jr. Engineer (Acad. & Resi. Area) R T Mate7994 9833898414
18Jr. Engineer (Central Area) R J Kulkarni7996 9833898415
19Jr. Engineer (Central Area) S D Shinde7996 9833898411
20Jr Engineer (Hill Side) G A Korgaonkar7997 9833898412
21Jr Engineer (Hill Side) Usha Kurne7997 9619685107
22Khandare P. V.4994  
23Koli V. D.4995  
24Drawing Section4029  
25Estate Office Fax4090  
26Handling &Taking Over Quarter4097  
27Iit Nursery4922  
28Maintenance Unit (Hill Side)2897  
29Outside Party Bills4096  
30Pa System Convention Center2876  
31Pa System Lecture Complex2809  
32Pa System Main Bldg7984  
33Pa System Som Bldg2808  
34Pump House (Lake Side)2181  
35Rent Roll4028  
36Stores (Estate)7993  


Gandhinagar Cell

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile


General Buildings

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Hill Side Area   
2B-22 Ananta Pump Operator2857  
3Drdo Bldg2772  
4H-1 Bldg. No.122838  
5H-1 Bldg. No.132835  
6H-1 Bldg No. 52863  
7H-1 Bldg No. 62864  
8H-1 Bldg. No.72852  
9H-1 Bldg. No.82820  
10H-2 Bldg. No.182869  
11H-2 Bldg. No.202853  
12H-2 Bldg. No.282839  
13Qip Bldg. No.12851  
14Qip Bldg. No.22837  
15Sh2 (Hill Side)2832  
16Tulsi Bldg. A-Wing2841  
17Tulsi House2836  
18Type-1 Bldg No. 102871  
19Type-1 Bldg No.112827  
20Type -1 Bldg. No. 132856  
21Type -1 Bldg. No. 142865  
22Type -1 Bldg. No. 162867  
23Type-1 Bldg No.172843  
24Type-1 Bldg No.182868  
25Type -1 Bldg. No. 192845  
26Type-1 Bldg. No.202828  
27Type-1 Bldg. No.82866  
28Type-1 Bldg. No.92829  
29Type 2b Bldg No. 212846  
30H-1 Bb Bldg.2854  
31H-1 Bldg. No.102830  
32H-1 Bldg. No.42833  
33H-2 Bldg No. 272776  
34H-2 Bldg. No.72831  
35H-2 Bldg. No. 82804  
36Type 2b Building No.152847  
37White House Lakeside2840  
38Tcs Side Area   
39Ii-B Bldg. No.32870  
40Ii-B Bldg. No.42834  
41White House Central Area2862  


Graduate Apptitude Test In Engineering (Gate Office)

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
2Vice Chairman7067  
3Gate Office2924  
5Computer Rom7074  


Guest House

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Chief Manager, Hospitality, Dabholkar N S89448004 
2Mohammad Ali Momin, Caretaker,Jalvihar894680039167338946
3Jalvihar (Main) Guest House Office8940/8942/8943  
4Sanjay Bhingarde, Caretaker, Vanvihar8945 9167338945
5Vanvihar Guest House Office1200/8945  
6Gulmohar Cafeteria2783/2786  



No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Chairman (Cultural)8968  
2Chairman Room4068  
3Chairman (Sports)8968  
6Appaji B B403380559819036041
7Edwin M40388059 
8Jha S. N.40438058 
9Reddy M40378057 
10Sengupta K4036  
11Yadav S S40358077 
12Asst Sports Office (Pritesh Yadav)4019  
13Manas Rach H-2/3364071  
14Staff Room8966  
16Swimming Pool8967  
17Chairman Room4068  
18Gymkhana Hostel4047  
19Music Club8964  
20New Badminton Court2754  
21New Swimming Pool2755  
22Staff Club4075  


Health Office

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Health Officer Patil Bhagwan7057 9819927056


Hindi Cell

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Hindi Officer Mahto A798980299833920439
2Hindi Officer7939  



No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Chief Medical Officer Shah Nisha (Ms)705080409819807051
3Operation Theatre7052  
5Ainapure S.V. (Ms.)705180469820880229
6Banumathy Srikant70518041 
7Kale Sheetal (Ms)705180359920878035
8Meshram A.705180459769858045
9Patil S G705180449920128044
10Ringanekar Neela (Ms)705180479920088047
11Shah N (Ms)705080409819807051
12Sheetal Kumar (Nursing Supdt)70518036 
13Ambulance / Male Ward11019000 
14Female Ward1110  
15Visiting Doctors7053  
16Hospital Fax4050  


Hostel Co-Ordination Unit

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile


Hostel Renovation Task Force

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile



No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1A Wing (Hostel 13)2731  
2A-Wing (Hostel No.12)2722  
3B-Wing (Hostel No.12)2723  
4Cafeteria (Hostel 13)2737  
5C-Wing (Hostel No.12)2724  
6Ground Floor (Hostel 13)2735  
7Hostel No.10 (General)2610  
8Hostel No.10 (Office)2710  
9Hostel No.11 (General)2611  
10Hostel No.11 (Office)2711  
11Hostel No.12 (Security)2612  
12Hostel No.14 (General)2614  
13Hostel No.1 (General)2601  
14Hostel No.1 (Office)2701  
15Hostel No.2 (General)2602  
16Hostel No.2 (Office)2702  
17Hostel No.3 (General)2603  
18Hostel No.3 (Office)2703  
19Hostel No.4 (General)2604  
20Hostel No.4 (Office)2704  
21Hostel No.4 (Office)2714  
22Hostel No.5 (General)2605  
23Hostel No.5 (Office)2705  
24Hostel No.6 (General)2606  
25Hostel No.6 (Office)2706  
26Hostel No.7 (General)2607  
27Hostel No.7 (Office)2707  
28Hostel No.8 (General)2608  
29Hostel No.8 (Office)2708  
30Hostel No.9 (General)2609  
31Hostel No.9 (Office)2709  
32Mess Manager 12651  
33Mess Manager 102660  
34Mess Manager 112661  
35Mess Manager 22652  
36Mess Manager 32653  
37Mess Manager 42654  
38Mess Manager 52655  
39Mess Manager 62656  
40Mess Manager 72657  
41Mess Manager 82658  
42Mess Manager 92659  
43Qip Building (Girls Hostel) General2619  
44Qip Building (Girls Hostel) Office2719  
45Security (Hostel 13)2613  
46Sky Bridge (Hostel 13)2736  
47Sky Bridge (Hostel No.12)2726  
48Sky Bridge (Hostel No.12 5th Floor)2725  
49Staff Hostel1113  
50Tansa House26202720 
51Warden (Hostel No. 12)2721  
52Hostel 15 C Wing General2615  
53Hostel 15 C Wing Office2715  
54Hostel No.10 (General)2616  
55Hostel No.16 (Office)2616  
56Mess Manager 152665  
57Hall Manager (Hostel No. 12)4012  
58Hall Manager (Hostel No. 13)4013  
59Hostel No.134013  


Humanities & Social Science

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
3Bhat P R7367  
4Bhattacharya Surujit73888388 
5Bhattacharya T73548354 
6Chakraborty Paulomi (Ms)73878387 
7Deb K.73718371 
8George Siby K73798379 
9Golay P G73868386 
10Gupta Meenakshi7360  
11Haripriya G S (Ms)7382  
12Khan Azizuddin73838383 
13Kulkarni Malhar73758395 
14Kulkarni Mrinmoyi (Ms)73848384 
15Malshe M S7358  
16Mukherjee Konan73618361 
17Narayanan K73818381 
18Nath Rajkishore73578357 
19Padhi Puja (Ms)73858385 
20Pal Rama7389  
21Panda Ranjan K73698369 
22Panda Ratikanta73628362 
23Parthasarathy D73728372 
24Pattanaik Sharmista73538353 
25Purang Pooja7378  
26Ramanathan A.73748374 
27Ramasubramanian K73688368 
28Ramesh B T S73708370 
29Ritesh Radhakrishnan73568356 
30Robinsons R. (Ms.)73558355  
31Sarma V (Ms)73658365 
32Sebastin C D73598359 
33Sharmila Sreekumar(Ms)73768376 
34Shastri Sudha (Ms)73808380 
35Sirola Vikram73648364 
36Subuddhi K73638363 
37Talwar N (Ms)73668175 
38Trivedi P L (Ms)73738373 
39Computrer Room I4359  
40Computrer Room Ii4364  
41Conference Hall4369  
43Multi Purpose Cell Lab4365  
44Psychophysiology Lab4360  
45Psycology Lab4364  
46Student Computer Lab4366  


Iitb Monash Academy

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Monash Ceo4731  
2Monash Office4744  
3Monash Office4740  


Iit Consumer Co-Op Society

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Main Shop (H.No.8)8951  
3Staff Canteen8952  
4Y Point Shop8953  


Iit Credit Co-Op Society

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Credit Society Office8954  


Industrail Engineering & Operations Research

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
3Ashutosh Mahajan9418  
4Hemachanan N.78858885 
5Narayan Rangaraj78828882 
6Narayan Vishnu78788878 
7Rao Mallikarjun K S78698869 
8Veeraruna Kavitha94178417 
9Venkateswaran Jayendran75338533 
10Phd Lab R No. 3244807  


Industrial Design Center

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
3Athavankar U A7817  
4Bapat V P78198819 
5Chakrabarthy B K78608860 
6Dalvi Girish5817  
7Hingorani Alka7823  
8Joshi Anirudha7829  
9Joshi Purba7816  
10Khambete Pramod5852  
11Kumaresan P.7818  
12Mohanty Raja78258825 
13Munshi K.78228822 
14Phani Tetali78318831 
15Poovaiah Ravi78208820 
16Ramchandran K7826  
17Ranade Shilpa (Ms)78448844 
18Rane Mandar78398839 
19Rao A G78288828 
20Rao Sumant78278827 
21Ray G G78218821 
22R. Sandesh78148814 
23Sabnani Nina (Ms)78128812 
24Sadhu N78248824 
25Sharma Nishant78158815 
26Sreekumar G V78348834 
27Sudesh Blan78108810 
28Trivedi K.K.78138813 
29Venkatesh Rajamanickam58268826 
30Animation Studio4829  
31Bamboo Studio4824  
32Bamboo Studio Office4825  
33Design Integration Studio4834  
34Digital Modeling Studio4831  
35Ergonomics Lab4815  
36Faculty Projects Office4827  
37Interaction Design Studio4826  
40Modeling Studio In Charge4823  
41Photo Studio4814  
42Product Development Cell4833  
43Research Scholar Bay4837  
44R P Cell4832  
45Senior Developement Engr.4827  
46Shenoy Innovation Studio4822  
47Typography Studio4816  


Inter Disciplinary Program In Climate Studies

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile


Jam Office

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
3Vice Chairman7028  


Jee Office

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
3Vice Chairman7064  
6Computer Room7062  
7Strong Room2935  


Lift Extension Numbers

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Qip Girls Hostel1151  
2Transist Bldg Lift2528  
3Ananta Bldg Hillside A Wing2858  
4Ananta Bldg Hillside B Wing2859  
5B-Type (Aravali) Hillside2526  
6B-Type (Nilgiri) Central Area2524  
7Csre Dept Lift2690  
8C Type Hillside A Wing2517  
9C Type Hillside B Wing2518  
10G G Building Lift (Electrical)2521  
11Hostel No. 10 Lift2515  
12Hostel No. 12 A Wing Lift2501  
13Hostel No. 12 B Wing Lift2502  
14Hostel No. 12 C Wing Lift2503  
15Hostel No. 12 D Wing Lift2504  
16Hostel No. 13 A Wing Lift2505  
17Hostel No. 13 B Wing Lift2506  
18Hostel No. 13 C Wing Lift2507  
19Hostel No. 14 A Wing Lift2508  
20Hostel No. 14 B Wing Lift2509  
21Hostel No. 14 C Wing Lift2510  
22Idc Lift2529  
23Kresit Lift2512  
24Lakeside White House A Wing Lift2885  
25Lakeside White House B Wing Lift2840  
26Lecture Complex Hall - 32527  
27Main Building Lift2500  
28Mems Lift2516  
29Nano Building2523  
30New Bio-Tech Bldg2525  
31New Convention Center 12872  
32New Convention Center 22873  
33New Convention Center 32874  
34New C Type Bldg No. 232522  
35New Lecture Complex2520  
36Old Multistory Bldg Lift2884  
37Physics Lift2514  
38Som Lift2511  
39Type Iib 22 Hillside Lift2513  
40Vanvihar Guest House2519  


Material Management Division (Central Stores)

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Dy. Registrar Bhorkade G.880080249833117920
2Pa To Dy. Registrar(M/M)8805  
3Asst. Registrar (Mm)5009  
4Import / Porject Section8806  
5Import Section8804  
6Progress Section8848  
7Progress Section8802  
8Purchase (All Depts.)8803  
9Purchase (Import & Pc Rate Contract )8807  
10Purchase (Non Academic)8801  



No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
3Anandvardhanan U K74338433 
4Ananthnarayan Hariharan9465  
5Athavale Ameer74918491 
6Balachandran Niranjan94668466 
7Baskar S74638463 
8Dani G Shrikrishna74538453 
9Das Ashish74868486 
10Dey Shantanu94575457 
11Garge Shripad74738473 
12Ghorpade Sudhir R74709470 
13Joshi Rajani R (Ms)74858485 
14Kesari Manoj74698469 
15Krishnan Shivasubramanian74618461 
16Kulkarni Ravi S74888488 
17Kulkarni Rekha P(Ms)74598459 
18Limaye Balmohan V7465  
19Mahajan Prachi9406  
20Mahajan Swapneel74588458 
21M. S. Raghunathan9453  
22Mukhopadhyay Siuli74958420 
23Nataraj Neela (Ms)7468  
24Pani Amiya K74818481 
25Puthenpurakal Tony Joseph74878487 
26Raghunathan Ravi7471  
27Raman Preeti (Ms)74938493 
28Rana Inder K74628462 
29Ranjan Akhil74578457 
30Sabnis Sanjeev V74748474 
31Sane Sharada S94528452 
32Santhanam Rekha74668538 
33Sharma Vishnu Dutt74828482 
34Shastri Anant R7477  
35Shrivastava R54569456 
36Sivaji Ganesh S74768476 
37Srinivasan Gopal K74548454 
38Srinivasan Murli K74848484 
39Srinivasan Srikant7494  
40Subramanyam Alladi74808480 
41Sureshkumar K.74898489 
42Talaknath Shorey94518477 
43Vellaisamy P74648464 
44Verma Jugal K74788478 
45Visiting Faculty4470  
47Library & Committee Room4457  
48M.Sc. Computer Lab4458  
49Project Staff Lab4455  
50Reasearch Scholoars Lab4459  


Mechanical Engineering

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
3Pa To Hod7503  
4Abhishek Gupta7523  
5Agarwal Amit75168516 
6Atrey Milind75228522 
7Atul Shrivastava75318531 
8Awate P G75128512 
9Bapat S L754925704927 
10Bhandarkar U B75948594 
11Bhattacharya Amitabh7539  
12Chowdhury Arindrajit75048504 
13Date A.W.75178517 
14Date P P75118511 
15De Amitaiva75098509 
16Gaitonde U.N.75088508 
17Gandhi Prasana75198519 
18Gopalkrishnan Shivasubramanian75248524 
19Guha Anirban75908590 
20Iyer Kannan75448544 
21Jog S D7520  
22Jonnalagadda Krishna75388538 
23Joshi S S75278527 
24Kartik V75408540 
25Karunakaran K P75308530 
26Kulkarni Salil75138513 
27Maiti S K75268526 
28Manik D N75428542 
29Mishra Sushil K.73918391 
30Pande S.S.75458545 
31Parekh P P7535  
33Prabhu S V75158515 
34P Seshu75258525 
35Puranik Bhalachandra75368536 
36Rajneesh Bharadwaj75348534 
37Rane M V75148514 
38Ravi B75108510 
39Saha Sandip Kumar73928392 
40Sharma Atul75058505 
41Singh Ramesh Kumar75078507 
42Sreedhara S.75978597 
43Sridharan Arunkumar75808580 
44Sridhar Balasubramanian75418541 
45Subhash Babu A75328532 
46Suryanarayan Shashikant75468546 
47Tandaiya Parag7528  
48Tanmay Bhandakkar75378537 
49Tewari Asim7521  
50Trilok Singh7599  
51Vedula R P75478547 
52De A K7501  
53Parikh P P7501  
54Sukhatme S P7518  
55Yogesh Sonawane (Aws)4530  
56Bhaldar I H78488048 
57Bio-Mass Lab4578  
58Cafims Lab4583  
59Cam Lab4511/4566  
60Care Lab4515  
61Carpentry Shop4579  
62Cfdht Lab4576  
63Computation Lab I4539  
64Computation Lab Ii4562  
65Computer Graphics Lab4508  
66Cryogenic Lab4587  
67Department Central Server/Lan4569  
68Drawing Office4519  
69Drawing Office (Main Building)4582  
70Fitter Section4540  
71Fluid Power Lab4532/4549  
72Fracture Mechanics Lab4542  
73Fuel Cell Lab N-1 Bay4531  
74Fuel Lab4563  
75Heat Pump Lab4527/4593  
76Heat Transfer Lab4533  
77Ic Engines & Combustion Lab4586  
78Iitb Ongc Lab4536  
79Instrumentation Lab4507  
81Liquid Helium Lab4588  
82Mach. Design & Robotic4513  
83Machine Tool Lab4518/4537  
84Mashruwala Lab4538  
85Metal Forming Lab4561  
86Metrology Lab4522  
87Ncair Office49454946 
88Nitrogen Plant4505  
89Nuclear Engg. Lab4591  
90Ongc Lab4521  
91Orthocad Lab4399  
92Programmer Lab4553  
93Project Staff4585  
94Referigeration Lab4525  
95Samuals Collins Lab4538  
96Sitac Lab4528  
97S.M. Lab4529  
98Steam Power Lab4584  
100Textile Lab4510  
101Thermal Hyaulic Test Facility4517  
102Thermal Hyaulic Test Facility Lab4565  
103Tribiology Lab4524  
104Vibration & Acoustics Lab4520  
105Welding Section4504  


Metallurgical Engineering & Material Science Engineering

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
3Bahadur D76328632 
4Ballal N B76108610 
5Bhargava Parag76288628 
6Bhattacharya Anup76348634 
7Dipti Gupta76088608 
8Dixit Suresh76178617 
9Dusane R O76338633 
10Gopalan P76358635 
11Gururajan M. P.76318631 
12Kashyap B P76228622 
13Khanna A S7891  
14Khosala N.K.76188618 
15Kollu Pratap7603  
16Kulkarni A R7636  
17Malik Sudanshu76418641 
18Mukhopadhyay Amartya76128612 
19Narasimhan K76308630 
20Panwar Ajay Singh76448644 
21Parida Smrutiranjan76438643 
22Prabhu-Gaunkar G.V.7638  
23Prabhu N.76248624 
24Prasad M J N V7642  
25Prasad R C7619  
26Prasanna T.R.S.76398639 
27Prita Pant76168616 
28Raja V S78928892 
29Raman R76098609 
30Samazdar Indradev76218621 
31Saxena Sumit7615  
32Shukla Shobha7607  
33Somnath Basu76138613 
34Srinivasa Raman S7640  
35Venkataramani N76578657 
36Vishwanathan N.N.76118611 
37Vitta S.76238623 
38Rajiv Asthana (Cso)4326  
39Accelarated Weathering Test Lab4601  
40Aqueous Corrosion Lab4607  
41Cell Culture Lab4356  
42Ceramic Lab4609  
43Cip Lab, Room No.8,4623  
44Computational Material Sci.4603  
45Computer Room4608  
46Corrosion Lab I4618  
47Corrosion Science Paint Lab4606  
48Electronic Workshop, Rooom No.1074622  
49Extractive Metallurgical Lab4648  
50Ferrous Metallurgical Lab4649  
51Fracture Mechanics Lab4646  
52Heat Treatment/Metallographic Lab4631  
53High Temp & Energy Mat. Lab4619  
54Information Centre / Library4628  
55Insrumentation Lab4605  
56Laboratory F2 Bay4641  
57Lasar Ablation4657  
59Magnetic Materials Lab4625  
60Magnetic & Physical Properties Measurement Lab4354  
61Material Characterization Lab4625  
62Material Characterization Lab Ii4616  
63Materials Lab I4638  
64Mechanical Testing Laboratory4604  
65Metal Casting Lab4624  
66Metallurgical Analysis Lab4615  
67Mts Room4632  
68Nano Indenter Lab4613  
69National Facility Of Texture &Oim4612  
70Nemo Lab4351  
71Peel Lab4357  
72Polymer Engg. Sci.4635  
73Polymer Simulation & Characterization Lab4644  
74Powder Metallurgy Lab4614  
75S 1 Bay Annexe4642  
76Semiconductor Thin Films & Plasma Processing4639/4645  
77Sensor Materials & Devices4621  
78Solidification Lab4633  
79Stimulation Lab2730  
81Structure Property Lab4640  
82Superconductivity Lab4626  
83Surface Lab4613  
84Tem Lab4352  
85Texture Lab4634  
86Thermodynamics Lab I4630  
87Thermodynamics Lab Ii4629  
88Thermoelectrics Lab4353  
89Thick & Thin Film Lab4610  
90Transport Phenomena Lab4647  
91Utm Under Fist Lab4636  
92V R M Lab4611  
93Workshop F-2, Shed-B2740  
94Workshop Ground Floor4617  
95X-Ray Lab4620  


Monash Academy

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Ceo Mohan Murthy4731  


Nasa Office

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
3Mks Office4996  


Ncc Office

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
2Officer Commanding8916  


Pdt Cell

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile



No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
3Aftab Alam55648564 
4Basanta Nandi75608560 
5Bhatia S N7592  
6Das Dibyendu75558555 
7Dash Sadhana75548554 
8Das P. (Ms.)7566  
9Dhar S75788578 
10Gambhir Y K7564  
11Ghosh Dipan K.7562  
12Gupta Nayantara (Ms)7570  
13Jha S S7588  
14Kabra Dinesh75898589 
15Kane P P7586  
16Kantimay Das Gupta75988598 
17Kumar Rao75878587 
18Kundu T75838583 
19Mahajan A V75738573 
20Mahapatra Suddhasatha75778577 
21Major S S75678567 
22Mishra D.S.75618561 
23Mitra Mithun Kumar7565  
24Mohamad Aslam75858585 
25Mukherjee Asmita75798579 
26Mukhopadhaya G.75728572 
27Nambudripad N.75848584 
28Padalia B D7558  
29Parinda Vasa7556  
30Parmanada Punit75958595 
31Patil S H7569  
32Prasad S.75718571 
33Ramadevi P.75638563 
34Sain Anirban75538553 
35Sarin Pradeep75918591 
36Senthil Kumar M75818581 
37Shukla Alok75768576 
38Singh B P75688568 
39Singh P.P.75938593 
40Suresh K G75598559 
41Tathagat Avatar Tulsi7596  
42Tomy C V75748574 
44Varma R.75828582 
45Yajnik U.A.75758575 
46Atomic Physics Lab4580  
47Computer Lab4592  
48Computer Room4598  
49Escs Lab4545  
50Fibre Optics Lab4543  
51First Year Lab4599  
52Gama Spectroscopy Lab4590  
53General Physics Lab4559  
54Holography Lab4554  
55Incubator Lab4458  
56Lan Server 2nd Floor5750/5751  
57Laser & Optics Lab4544  
58Laser Spectroscopy Lab4574  
59Low Temp Physics Lab4552  
60Low Temp Physics Lab4570  
61Magnetic Materials Lab4546  
62Magnetic Thin Films Lab4577  
63Magnetism Lab4567  
64Material Moulding Lab4599  
65Material Science Lab4556  
66Material Science Lab4621  
67Nano Structure Lab4541  
68Nmr Lab4597  
69Nuclear Physics Lab4564  
70Particle Physics Detector Lab4547  
71Pg Lab R.No.2084572  
72Photonics Lab4575  
73Plasma Lab4571  
74Pld Lab4568  
75Radiation Lab (Ground Floor)4548  
76Solid State Physics Lab4555  
77Spectroscopy Lab4595  
79Student Lab (115)4458  
80Theoretical Computer Room4581  
81Theoretical R/S Room4551  
82Thin Film Lab4560  
84Xerox Section4596  
85X-Ray Lab4589  


Placements Office

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Asstt. Placement Officer7096  
3Fax Machine7092  
6Placement Officer70888095 
7T & P Gd14926  
8T & P Gd34928  
9T & P Gd44927  


Printing Press

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
3Computer Room Dtp Unit4961  


Pro Office

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Public Relations Officer(Rashmi Udaykumar)70258025 


Public Utility Services (Inside)

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Cafeteria (Ncc)2623  
2Canara Bank2797  
3Film Society8955  
4Post Office2774  
5Sameer - General2795  
6Sameer - Registrar2796  
7Aman Day Care Center2891  
8Convocation Hall2781  
9Nss Vidhya Sanganka Kendra4089  
10P.C. Saxena Auditorium4999  
11Shakti Club4076  
12Unity Infra Hostel 15/164840  
13Unity Infra Hostel 15/164841  


Public Utility Services (Outside)

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Best It World4991  
2Book World Enterprises2752  
3Computer Literacy Program4089  
4Golani Brothers4923  
5Kanaka Food Services Pvt Ltd.2727  
6Popular Book Shop2753  
7Post Office2774  
9Sishu Vihar4978  
10Staff Club4075  
11Student Welfare Society9320  
12Pc Rate Contract (Cc Bldg.)4092  
13P C Vendor - Benchmark4091  
14P C Vendor - Maxmann4094  
15P C Vendor -Unicomp4093  
16Thomas Cook Counter4058  


Qip & Cdp

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile


Registrar Office

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
2Pa To Registrar & Office7021 9920087021


Reliability Engineering

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
2Apte P.R.78728872 
3Chandorkar A.N.74418441 
4Srividya A. (Ms.) 8876 
5Verma A.K.78768876 
6Condition Monitoring Lab4877  
7Reliability Engg Lab 14878  


School Of Bioscience & Bioengineering

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
4Arunkumar S.4736  
5Ashutosh Kumar77628762 
6Balaji P V77788778 
7Banerjee R7868  
8Bhat P J77728772 
9Debjani Paul77988598 
10Ghosh Santanu K77668766 
11Kondasasil Kiran77588758 
12Kunwar Ambarish77998799 
13Lokhandwala Y.7764  
14Maji Sameer77748774 
15Mukherji S.77678767 
16Panda D.78388838 
17Pandinateeri Ranjith77618761 
18Patankar Swati7773  
19Phale P.78368836 
20Prakriti Tayalia77978797 
21Prasanjit Bhaumik77488748 
22Punekar N S77758775 
23Purwar Rahul77378737 
24Rao K K7776  
25Rohit Manchanda77658765 
26Sen Shamik77438743 
27Sheorey U. B.77648764 
28Shrivastava Sanjeeva77798779 
29Soni V. P.7764  
30Srivastava R.77468746 
31Subrahmanyam G77778777 
32Bio Material Lab4795  
33Bio-Organic Lab4780  
34Bio Photonics Lab4798  
35Bl2 Tissue Culture Lab4762  
36Bme Library7760  
37Cd Room4764  
38Cell Biology Lab4712  
39Cellular Engg. Lab4761  
40Central Tissue Culture Lab4754  
41Common Instrument Lab4775  
42Computational Cardiology Lab4758  
43Computer Lab I4779  
44Computer Lab Ii4755  
45Daq Lab I4766  
46Daq Lab Ii4767  
47Gene Regulation Lab4789  
48Glyco Biology Lab I4757  
49Glyco Biology Lab Ii4772  
50Heamorheology Lab4769  
51Image Processing Lab4768  
52Immunology Lab4773  
53Measurement Lab4765  
54Molecular Cell Lab4796  
55Molecular Engg. Lab4771  
56Molecular Enzymology Lab4776  
57Molecular Parasitology Lab4788  
58Molecule Genetics Lab4774  
59Neurophysiology Lab4763  
60Office Fax4770  
61Protein Engg. Lab4741  
62Proteomics Lab4714  
63Tissue Culture (Sp) Lab4762  
64U.G. Lab4778  
65U.G. Lab Office4799  


Security Section

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Security Officer & Head (S S Jha)898880199619338985
3Security Officer (L J Ingale)89878015 
4Asst. Security Officer (Malay Ghosh)11128016 
5Asstt. Security Officer (Ghole S N)11128014 
6Asstt. Security Officer (G Murgan)11128017 
7Asstt. Security Officer(On Duty)1112  
8Sec Cabin Behind Cen Library1109  
9Security Control7912  
10Director'S Bunglow1120  
11Bridge Behind H-61127  
12Identity Card Office8986  
13Key Board Main Bldg1122  
14Keyboard (Main Bldg)1100  
15Kiosk (Main Bldg)1105  
16Kiosk (Som Bldg)1106  
17Kisok-1 (Chem/Phys)1117  
18Kisok-2 (Civil/Elect)1118  
19Kisok-3 (Mech/Idc)1119  
20Married Hostel1114  
21Security (Estate)1115  
22Short Circuit Watchman1126  
23H-4 Gate1116  
24Lake Side Gate1124  
25Main Gate8978/1123  
26Vmcc Building1125  
27Y Point Gate8979/1121  


Sjm Som

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
4Office 2nd Floor7782  
5Adil G.K.77388738 
6Ananthakumar U. (Ms.)77868786 
7Arti D Kalro77548754 
8Atanu Ghosh77558755 
9Bapat Varadraj B.7787  
10Bhargav S.78978897 
11Bhatt Ramesh77498749 
12Dutta Pankaj77838783 
13Jain K (Ms)77858785 
14Jha Shishir K78458845 
15Kathuria Vinish78638863 
16K. Momaya77598759 
17Kusre A.T.7769  
18Limaye Nutan77328732 
19Mukharjee Indrajit77428742 
20Nagarwalla H.77948794 
21Nageswara Rao S V D77898789 
22Narayan Rao S77448744 
23Niranjan T. T.77568756 
24Pandey Ashish77928792 
25Pathwardhan A.77888788 
26Patil Rahul77848784 
27Raghavan Raman7735  
28Sharma Dinesh77638763 
29Singh Ashish7793  
30Sonar R M77418741 
31Shyjo Paul Executive Officer4715  
32Computer Lab4784  
33Computer Room4783  
34Dsir Lab4738  
36Mtp Lab4781  
37Nen Lab4735  
38Php Lab4785  
39Reasearch Staff4786  


Society For Innovation And Enterpreneurship

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Sine Incharge7072  
2Chief Executive Officer7055  
4Epabx Line4917  
5Epabx Line4918  
6Epabx Line4919  


Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facilities (Saif)

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
3Gandhi Mayuri (Ms)86929092 
4Harenanath C S7696  
5Mombasawala L S76938693 
6Vijayalaxmi S. (Ms.)76718671 
7Computer Room4678  
8Confocal Lab, Room No.3104689  
9Cryo-Tem, Room No.3094688  
10Esr Lab4665  
11Ftir Lab4696  
12Gclcms Lab4682  
13Ias/404, Saif4698  
14Icp Lab4664  
15Liquid Nitrogen Plant4643  
17Nmr Lab4686  
18Sample Preparattion Lab4681  
19Sem Lab4675  
21Tas Lab4663  
22Tem Lab4694  
24Xrf Lab4697  


Systems & Control Engineering

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
3Ankur Kulkarni53849384 
4Banavar R N78888888 
5Bandyopadhyay B78898889 
6Debasish Chatterjee78798879 
7Nataraj P S V78878887 
8Sinha Arpita78998899 
9Sukumar Srikant78328832 
10Vacchani Leena78338833 
11Syscon Computational Lab I4884  
12Syscon Computational Lab Ii4886  
13Syscon Experimental Lab4885  
14Syscon Reserch Scholar Room4892  
15Syscon Seminar Room4891  


Telephone Exchange

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
1Manager (Telecommunications) M.N.R. Rao899780979833108997
2Telephone Operator99 / 8960022-25722545 
3Receptionist7985 9930417985
4Telephone Exchange8994 9930978994
5Telephone Exchange8998 9920428998
6Telephone Exchange8995 9820798994
7Exchange Voip4880  
8Fax Operator8970  
9Telephone Complaints8999  


Vigilance Cell

No:NameOffice NoResidence NoMobile
2Verma J K747884789819307484