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Annual Policy Dialogue on "Coping with COP 21 - life after Paris"

Event Name (Full/Detailed): 
Organised by CESE

The Centre for Policy Studies with the Centre for Environment Science and Engineering (CESE) at IIT Bombay is organising Annual Policy Dialogue on "Coping with COP 21 - life after Paris",  on 21st January 2017.

The dialogue is in the nature of a conversation between technologists and social scientists on the given topic so as to arrive at a syncretic view of the matter.

Likely speakers participating in the dialogue are Prof. Dunu Roy, Prof. Thomas Spencer, IDDR Paris and others with the Chairman, Central Pollution Control Board. Special Secretary, MoEF, Shri. R. R. Rashmi would moderate the conversation.

Follow the link for updates and for Registration to participate.



Event Date: 
21 January 2017 - 9:30am
Victor Menezes Convention Centre (VMCC)
IIT Bombay, Powai