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Active Tenders List

Title Division Due date Excerpts
Next-Generation Sequncing (NGS) System Department of Biosciences & Bio-Engineering, IIT Bombay 26 Feb 2019

Purchase Requisition No.1000006363 (Tender/RFx No.6100000092), Due date is  till 26/02/2019.

Nanosecond Pulse Laser Equipment Department of Electrical Engg., IIT Bombay 27 Feb 2019

Purchase Requisition No.1000005823 (Tender/RFx No.6100000093), Due date is  till 27/02/2019.

Agitated Tube and Cell Continuous Flow Reactor Department of Chemistry, IIT Bombay 28 Feb 2019

Purchase Requisition No.1000006593 (Tender/RFx No.6100000091), Due date is  till 28/02/2019 and corrigendum uploaded as

Multi-Station Multi-Axis Hybrid Layer Manufacturing System Dept. of Mechanical Engineering 6 Mar 2019

Purchase Requisition No.1000003633 (Tender/RFx No.6100000094)

Lab Scale Lock in Thermography Dept. of Electrical Engg. 7 Mar 2019

Purchase Requisition No.1000006667 (Tender/RFx No.6100000095)

DC & RF CH Characterization with Probe Stations Department of Electrical Engg., IIT Bombay 19 Mar 2019

Purchase Requisition No.1000006463 (Tender/RFx No.6100000096), Due date is  till 19/03/2019.

Thin Film Coating Unit Dept. of Energy Science and Engineering 22 Mar 2019

Purchase Requisition No.1000007060 (RFx No.6100000097)

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