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व्याख्यान शीर्षक- 'भविष्य यहां हैं'

Event Name (Full/Detailed): 
Institute Lecture

Speaker:   Mr. Raj Nair, Chairman, Avalon Consulting, India.

Title : 'The Future is Here'

Abstract: Technological development in solar cells, sensors, internet, smart phones, various digital technologies (including block-chain), quantum mechanics, etc. are likely to massively disrupt some industries. There are some far-reaching disruptions waiting to happen. These can be logically foreseen, if we know how to connect dots on the Science & Technology map. These dots can reveal the future especially if you were to connect the impact of those changes to things that lie downstream, two or three stages away from the immediate impact. The speaker will discuss likely impact of the disruptions on industries such as automobiles, computing, banking, and power utilities, etc. and their implications for IITians. Young engineers like IITians can be drivers or enablers of these developments and can contribute to making industry and research future ready.

Event Date: 
3 August 2017 - 5:15pm
हॉल सं. 21, 2रा माला, विक्टर मेनेज़ेस सम्मेलन केन्द्र (VMCC)
आई आई टी बॉम्बे, पवई