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Active Tenders List

Title Division Due date Excerpts
Annual Rate Contract of Custom Clearing & Freight Forwarding Agents Materials Mangement Division 22 Jan 2019

Tender No.MMD/CUSTOM/RC/2019-20

Mechanical (Localized Property) Testing System Dept. of Mechanical Engineering 24 Jan 2019

Purchase Requisition No.1000001451 (Tender/RFx No.6100000075)

Due date is extended upto 24.01.2019

400 MHz NMR Spectrometer Dept. of Chemistry 24 Jan 2019

Purchase Requisition No.1000004726 (Tender/RFx No.6100000079)

UV and Thermal Nanoimprint Lithography Dept. of Biosciences & Bioengineering 29 Jan 2019

Purchase Requisition No.1000005664 (Tender/RFx No.6100000081)

Due date is extended upto 29.01.2018

Electron Beam Evaporation System Mettallurgical Engineering & Materials Science, IIT Bombay 30 Jan 2019

Purchase Requisition No.1000005117 (Tender/RFx No.6100000080), Due date is extended till 30/01/2018 and corrigendum  will be  uploaded soon.

Empanelment of Agencies providing Advertising Services Materials Management Division, IIT Bombay 31 Jan 2019

Tender No.  MMD/Advertising Agency/RC/2018­-19 for "Empanelment of Agencies providing  Advertising Services" .

Multi-Station Multi-Axis Hybrid Layer Manufacturing System Dept. of Mechanical Engineering 1 Feb 2019

Purchase Requisition No.1000003633 (Tender/RFx No.6100000073)

Diamond Jubilee for IIT Bombay Diamond Jubilee Secretariat 4 Feb 2019

PR No.1000006427 (RFQ No.3000004374)

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