Facilities for both Staffs & Students
Use of Hospital Ambulance
  1. Ambulance is provided for in-patients and for emergency transport of campus residents / students to the IIT Hospital.

  2. For transfer of patient from IIT Hospital to other hospital and other hospital to IIT Hospital.

  3. Invalid patients on bed rest who need transfer in lying down position. (The decision will be taken by the Medical Officer on case to case basis).

  4. On Call for any Campus emergency.

  5. If hospital ambulance is not available for any emergency, outside ambulance is called as decided by AMA on case-to-case basis.


Reimbursement of the cost of Artificial Appliances, as approved by the Govt. of India, is admissible for purchase/replacement/repair and adjustment of the approved items of appliances. Traveling Allowance to visit the approved Centres under the advise of the AMA is also reimbursable. (List of approved artificial appliances attached at Annexure II)


The Hospital lends crutches on a payment of deposit of Rs.300/- or Rs.600/- (depending upon type of crutches) and walker on a payment of deposit of Rs.1000/- Per walker for a specific period as advised to the patients by the Orthopaedic Surgeon/Specialist. A nominal penalty is charged if the crutches or walker is not returned in time.


The facilities available in our Hospital is extended free of charge to entitled persons except Dental Prosthesis. Dental treatment from a private Dentist or Hospital even under the advice of AMA or under emergency is not admissible. Major Dental operations done in Govt. /Municipal Hospital under the advice of AMA will be reimbursed. Cost of dentures as well as treatment for Orthodontia is inadmissible.