a) All Bonafide students of the Institute are entitled to free Medical attendance & treatment available in the Institute Hospital in the Campus.

b) Cost of medicines purchased from the market as well as pathological/ radiological charges incurred in recognized hospitals on the advise of the AMA is reimbursable.

c) Expenditure on indoor treatment,under the advice of the AMA in a recognized hospital in an entitled class of accommodation equivalent to Group C employees will be reimbursed by the Institute subject to a ceiling of Rs.1,00,000/- at a time. (for one illness episode).    Medical Advance limit : 50,000/-

d) The following hospitals have been empanelled for treatment of students :

  • All the Hospitals recognized for staff for 100% reimbursement.
  • Godrej Memorial Hospital
  • P.D.Hinduja National Hospital
  • Fortis Hospital (Wockhardt)
  • L.H.Hiranandani Hospital.
  • e) Treatment of chronic cases or prolonged illness requiring special medical treatment for a long period will be responsibility of the parents/guardians of the students.

    NOTE :

    1) Prolonged illness may be that which requires treatment in any authorized hospital for a period of over 30 days.
    2) Any treatment taken outside the headquarters during vacation will be the responsibility of the parents. The Institute will not reimburse such expenditure.
    3) The medical facilities (OPD only) is extended to the spouse and children of full-time married research scholars, on the basis of certification of dependency issued by the Hostel Co-ordinating Unit.
    4) QIP Research Scholars are treated at par with the other students of this Institute. They are entitled to Medical attendance/treatment and reimbursement as other students, as stated in the previous paragraphs.

    The Spouse and Children of QIP Scholars are treated as entitled persons so far as the treatment/facilities available in the Institute Hospital. No reimbursement is admissible to them.

    Entitlement of students for the approved Hospitals

    			1.  Shushrusha Hospital	             : 	GeneralWard	
                            2.  Lions Club Diagnostic  Centre    : 	General Ward
    	                3.  Tata Memorial Hospital 	     :	General/Free Ward
    			4.  Kaushalya  Hospital, Thane	     :	General Ward

    The reimbursement of Medical Claims on account of accidents should be made from Medical Insurance for students through Dean (Students' Affairs).