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Academic Background:

  • B.Tech. Metallurgical Engineering, Institute of Technology, B.H.U (1982)
  • M.Tech. (Industrial Metallurgy) IIT Madras (1984)
  • Ph.D. (Materials Science) Purdue (1988)


  • Sheet metal forming
  • Superplasticity
  • Modelling and Simulation

Selected Publications:

  • "A shock factor based approach for the damage assessment of plane plates subjected to underwater explosion" Rajendran R., Narasimhan K., Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design 41(6), 417-425 (2006).
  • "Deformation and fracture behaviour of plate specimens subjected to underwater explosion - a review" Rajendran R., Narasimhan K., International Journal of Impact Engineering 32(12), 1945-1963 (2006).
  • •“Design and Structural Analysis of a Thrust Chamber for a Spinning Supersonic Rocket – A Case Study” Rajan K. M., Narasimhan K., The Aeronautical Journal 109, 187 (2005).
  • “Sensitivity Analysis of Deep Drawing Process for Miniaturized Products” Amit J., Narasimhan K., Date P. P., Maiti S. K., Singh U. P., J. of Materials Processing Technology 147, 321 (2004).
  • “Numerical Simulation of the Influence of Air Bending Tool Geometry on Product Quality” Singh U. P., Maiti S. K., Date P. P., Narasimhan K., J. of Materials Processing Technology 145, 269 (2004).