General Information

Assistant Professor: 1998- 2004
Associate Professor: 2004 - 2009
Professor: 2009 onwards

Tel: +91-22-2576-7628
Web: Lab

PDF positions available for researchers with experience in (a) Glasses, Glass synthesis, and Characterization and (b) Metal-Ceramic Composites

Academic Background:

  • B.Tech. (Metallurgical Engineering), IIT Bombay. (1991)
  • Ph.D. (Materials Science), University of Alabama (1996)
  • Post-Doctoral, Center for Ceramics Research, Rutgers University, USA (1997 - 1998)

Research Interests

  • Powder Processing,
  • Shape Forming of Ceramics
  • Rheology of inks, pastes
  • Synthesis of weakly agglomerated nanoparticles
  • Dental Materials, Glasses and glass ceramics
  • Silver pastes for various applications; Screen printed sensors / devices
  • Scaling-up and Product development.


  • “Fabrication of ceramic carbon composites with low specific resistance”, Rahul Kumar, Parag Bhargava, Filed Complete Specification (2015)
  • “Engineering particle size distributions for enhanced glass infiltration in porous ceramic preforms for dental crowns and bridges”, Preeti Bajpai and Parag Bhargava (Indian Patent), Filed Complete Specification (2011).
  • “A composition for forming porous bodies in particular, ceramic and metal foams, and a process for the preparation thereof”, Santanu Dhara, Mamata Pradhan and Parag Bhargava (Indian Patent No. 203231 dt. 27/5/2002)
  • “Highly porous ceramic or metallic material and simple environment friendly process for fabrication of the same,” Mamata Pradhan and Parag Bhargava (Indian Patent No. 206908 dt. 8/9/2003)
  • “A composition for consolidation of dense ceramics compacts,” Santanu Dhara, Dipankar Ghosh and Parag Bhargava (Indian Patent No. 218562 dt. 10/09/2003)

Selected Publications:

  • Radiative and conductive thermal annealing of hybrid organic-inorganic perovskite layer, B Sharma, S Singh, S Pareek, A Agasti, S Mallick, D Kabra, P Bhargava, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 195, 353-357, 3 2019
  • Light‐weight thermal insulating fly ash cenosphere ceramics, Y Urunkar, A Pandit, P Bhargava, J Joshi, C Mathpati, International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology 15 (6), 1467-1477, 3, 2018
  • Novel high-pressure airless spray exfoliation method for graphene nanoplatelets as a stable counter electrode in DSSC, SS Nemala, KS Aneja, P Bhargava, HLM Bohm, S Mallick, S Bohm, Electrochimica Acta 285, 86-93, 13 2018
  • Influence of spinning parameters on synthesis of alumina fibres by centrifugal spinning, TS Natarajan, P Bhargava, Ceramics International 44 (10), 11644-11649, 5, 2018
  • Fabrication of low specific resistance ceramic carbon composites by colloidal processing using glucose as soluble carbon source, R Kumar, P Bhargava, Bulletin of Materials Science 40 (6), 1197-1202, 11 2017
  • Electrodeposited copper current collecting fingers for DSSCs, V More, P Bhargava, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 68, 178-185, 2 2017
  • TiO2 colloid-based compact layers for hybrid lead halide perovskite solar cells, S Prathapani, V More, S Bohm, P Bhargava, A Yella, S Mallick, Applied Materials Today 7, 112-119, 16   2017
  • Adake, C.V., Bhargava, P., Gandhi, P., “Effect of surfactant on dispersion of alumina in photopolymerizable monomers and their UV curing behavior for microstereolithography”, (2015) Ceramics International, 41 (4), pp. 5301-5308.
  • Evaluation of experimental coating to improve the zirconia‐veneering ceramic bond strength,JD Matani, M Kheur, SS Jambhekar, P Bhargava, A Londhe, Journal of Prosthodontics 23 (8), 626-633 (2014)


  • Award for “Commercialization of Indigenous Technology” on National Technology Day by President of India, ANTS Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. (2018) – Co-founded along with former students
  • Excellence in Teaching Award, IIT Bombay (2016)
  • The Chevening Rolls Royce, Science, Innovation and Leadership (CRISP) fellowship award in 2015
  • Excellence in Teaching Award, IIT Bombay (2008)
  • First Prize, Inter-IIT competition on, “New environments for learning, teaching, research, creation, use and preservation of digital resources”, Pan-IIT meet Mumbai (2006)
  • Silver medal: Tech. based commercializable innovation at Incubiz (Anveshan 05) organized by IIM Ahmedabad (05)
  • Young Engineer of the Year (2002) award from the Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE)

Member of the Editorial Board of following journals:

  • Journal of Materials Engineering Innovation (2008 onwards)
  • Transactions of the Indian Ceramic Society (2005 - present)
  • Advances in Applied Ceramics (2004 - 2009)
  • Associate Editor for International Journal of Applied Ceramics Technology (2020)