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Academic Background:

  • M. Sc. (Physics) Nagpur (1984)
  • Ph. D. (Physics) Pune (1989)


  • Synthesis and characterization of amorphous and nanocrystalline thin films of elemental semiconductors and alloys, silicon nano devices, for applications such as thin film solar cells, thin film transistors for flat panel displays, MEMS devices, nuclear detections
  • Plasma processing and surface nano-engineering

Selected Publications:

  • “Internal Stress in Cat-CVD Microcrystalline Si:H Thin Films” Laxmi S., Nitin K., Nilesh K., Pinto R., Dusane R. O., Thin Solid Films 501, 117 (2006).
  • "Hot-wire Chemical-vapor-deposited Nanometer Range a-SiC:H Diffusion Barrier Films For Ultralarge-scale-integrated Application" Singh S. K., Kumbhar A. A., Dusane R. O., Bock W., Journal of Vacuum Science Technology B 24, 543 (2006).
  • “Enhancement of Moisture Resistance of Spin-on low-k HSQ Films by Hot Wire Generated Atomic Hydrogen Treatment” Alka K. A., Sunil K. S., Dusane R. O., Thin Solid Films 501, 329 (2006).
  • “Repairing Plasma Damaged low-k HSQ Films with Trichlorosilane Treatment” Singh S. K., Kothari M., Alka K., Dusane R. O., Journal of Materials Science
  • “One Dimensional Simulation Study of Microcrystalline Silicon Thin Films for Solar Cell and Thin Film Transistor Applications using AMPS-1D” Tripathi S., Venkataramani N., Dusane R. O., Schroeder B., Thin Solid Films 501, 295 (2006).