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Academic Background:

  • B.Tech. (Metallurgical Engineering) Mysore University (1980)
  • M.Tech. (Metallurgical Engineering) IIT Kanpur (1982)
  • Ph.D. (Metallurgical Engineering) - University of Cambridge


  • Nanomaterials.
  • Magnetic and electrical properties of metals, alloys and oxides
  • optical behavior of ultra thin layered multilayers.
  • Electronic, Magnetic and Thermal Properties of Materials

Selected Publications:

  • “Nonlinear spin wave magnetization of solution synthesized Ni nanoparticles”
    SatishVitta, Journal of Applied Physics, 101, 063901 (2007).
  • “Mixed mode electrical transport in nanocrystalline La-Ca-Manganite synthesized by microwave refluxing”
    Bibhuti B. Nayak, SatishVitta and D. Bahadur, Physics Status Solidi A, 202, 2790 (2005).
  • “Metal substituted organic Cd-arachidate multilayers as soft x-ray mirrors”
    SatishVitta, Applied Optics, 44, 3254 (2005).
  • “Structure and scattering properties of Ni80Nb20/MgO water window multilayer mirrors”
    SatishVitta, M. Weisheit and H.U. Krebs, Applied Optics, 42, 3297 (2003).