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Academic Background:

  • B.Tech. (Metallurgical Engineering) IIT Madras (1985)
  • Ph.D. (Materials Science) MIT (1991)


  • Materials for Solid oxide fuel cells, composite electrolytes, electrode materials
  • Theoretical Materials Science, role of thermal vibrations in phase transitions

Selected Publications:

  • T. R. S. Prasanna, Physical meaning of the Ewald sum method, to appear in Philosophical Magazine Letters (2011). arXiv:1104.1258

  • T. R. S. Prasanna, Role of thermal vibrations in alloy phase transitions, Phase Transitions, vol.84 (2011) p 118

  • M. Khandelwal, A. Venkatasubramanian, T. R. S. Prasanna and P. Gopalan, Correlation between microstructure and electrical conductivity in composite electrolytes containing Gd-doped ceria and Gd-doped barium cerate, Journal of the European Ceramic Society, vol.31 (2011) p559

  • Venkatasubramanian, T. R. S. Prasanna and P. Gopalan Synthesis and characterization of electrolytes based on BaO-CeO2-GdO1.5 system for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells,International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, vol.35 (2010) p4597