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Dean and Associate Dean

Deputy Registrar

Assistant Registrar

  Name: Ms. Muthu Visalakshi
  Designation: Assistant Registrar
  Tel :(+91-22) 2576 7042
  Fax :(+91-22) 2576 4041
  Email id:
  Incharge: Postgraduate Unit (excluding M.Sc.)

Assistant Registrar (Acad.-III)
[Incharge: Transcripts, Verification/Alumni Services, Internship, Miscellaneous.]
Assistant Registrar (Acad.-IV)
[Incharge: Undergraduate + M.Sc. & DD(M.Sc.+Ph.D.)].

Supervisor / Staff*

Supervisor / Staff*

Supervisor / Staff*

Supervisor / Staff*
Other Work

* To know the Staff dealing with students please follow the navigation : Staff > Activity/Programme/Academic Unit.

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