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Postgraduate Admission, Alumni & Automation
Sr. Assistant Registrar
Undergraduate + M.Sc. & Internship
Assistant Registrar
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Supervisor / Staff *

Supervisor / Staff *

Supervisor / Staff *

Other Work

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PG Admission, Alumni & Automation

  Name: Mrs. Tabassum Z. Majgaonkar
  Designation: Jr. Superintendent,
  Extn. 7066
  Email id
 Job: Supervison, Admissions related work of (Ph.D, M.Tech, M.Phil, M.Des, M.Mgt, Foreign nationals, QIP, DRDO, HBNI), RTI, ASC Related work, Statistics work, Ph.D, M.Tech, M.Phil, M.Des related work of IDC, IEOR, HSS (M.Phil), CM, C-USE.

  Name: Mr. Prasanna Hate
  Designation: Administrative Superintendent
  Extn. 7059
  Email id:
 Job: Supervision, *PGAPEC (including day to day work), PGPC, Senate, Bulletin, Circulars, Fees, Rules Updation, ASC related work & IT.

  Name: Mr. Arun J. Thakur
  Designation: Administrative Superintendent
  Extn.: 7058
  Email id:
  Job: Supervisor for UG Unit.

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