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B.Tech./Dual Degree Information

Admission to 4 and 5 year Undergraduate programmes at IIT Bombay is Through the JEE Exam.


Interested students are encouraged to visit the webpages of the departments of their interest to see the scope of work in that department, courses of study, faculty profiles, research activity and other information.

Departments offering 4 year B.Tech.

Department offering 4 Year Bachelor of Science (4 Yr. B.S.)

  • Chemistry
  • Economics (Humanities & Social Sciences)

  • Departments offering 5 year Dual Degree (B.Tech-M.Tech)---B.Tech. with Minor in other disciplines.


    Dual Degree

    • The Dual Degree programme (DD) is a 5 year programme where, upon successful completion of the necessary academic requirements, a student is awarded two Degrees:

    • B.Tech. Degree of the parent department (e.g. Mechanical Engineering), M.Tech. Degree of the Specialization within the parent department (e.g. Thermal and Fluids Engineering).

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