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Every form/application to be submitted is to be duly filled in and signed by the student and is to be forwarded by concerned Faculty Adviser/ Supervisor/Co-Supervisor/RPC/Convener, DPGC (Head, of the Department).

These forms should be submitted in the Department office only. The Department office will make necessary arrangements to send the duly filled and signed form to Academic office.

All forms are also accessable on Post Student Ldap login.

For Important dates/academic activites the student must refer to Academic Calendar available on the Institute website:

Kindly visit the academic homepage regularly for latest updates and circulars

List For Phd Forms

Name of the Form Last Modified
   Form for Verification of Certificates
  (To be submitted at the time of verification of Certificates)
Thu May 09 04:15:38 2013
   Form for Joining Report (For New Students)
  (To be submitted at the time of joining the programme)
Thu May 09 04:15:38 2013
   Form for Declarartion to be submitted by Ph.D. Students
  (To be submitted at the time of joining the programme alongwith the Joining Report.)
Fri July 11 10:16:05 2014
   Project Staff / Institute Staff Seeking Admission to M.Tech/Ph.D.Programme
  ( Project Staff / Institute Staff Seeking Admission to M.Tech/Ph.D.Programme at the of joining the programme)
Tue July 08 04:38:05 2014
   Form for Registration for Ph.D. Programme
  (To be submitted at the time of joining the programme alongwith the Joining Report)
Mon Mar 08 05:04:38 2010
   Form for Confirmation of Registration in the Ph.D. Programme
  (To be submitted after completion of required course work/qualifiers)
Fri Nov 14 10:16:05 2014
   Course Registration Form for External Ph.D. Students
  (To be submitted in every semester (if not registered online) till submission of Thesis)
Mon Jan 25 10:17:38 2010
   Ph.D. Annual Progress Seminar (APS) Report Format- Cum-Extension of Ph.D. Registration Form Updated on 08/04/2019
  (To be submitted annually (in August/January as the case may be) till presentation of Pre-synopsis)
Mon April 08 11:43:05 2019
   Ph.D. Pre-Synopsis Seminar Examination Report Format
  (To be submitted on presentation of Pre-Synopsis Seminar)
Thu Jan 08 05:00:38 2008
   Forms for Submission of Ph.D. Synopsis and Thesis
  (To be submitted alongwith Synopsis and Thesis)
Mon March 19 11:05:35 2012
   Form for Final Submission of Ph.D. Thesis (After Defence/Viva-voce Examination)
  (To be submitted after the Defence alongwith final (TWO Bound) Copies of Thesis)
Fri June 08 11:20:45 AM 2012
   Request for Verification Certificate for Obtaining LAPTOP Loan from Bank
  (To be submitted by the students for Laptop loan
Mon Mar 25 03:57:05 2013
   Request for Dropping of Courses
  (To be submitted by the students for dropping the course after the course adjustment date)
Mon Mar 25 03:55:05 2013
   Change of Category
  (To be submitted for change of admission category)
Mon Oct 29 02:42:05 2012
   Change/Addition of Supervisor(s)
  (To be submitted for change of supervisor(s)/external supervisor)
Mon Oct 29 02:52:05 2012
   Form for No Objection Certificate for Visa and Grant of advance for attending International Conference.
  (To be submitted for issue of NOC certificate for visa purpose and grant of advance)
Tue Dec 04 09:50:05 2012
   Extension of Annual Progress Seminar (APS)
  (To be submitted for extension of APS, if required (atleast 15 days before the due date of APS Presentation))
Mon Oct 29 02:40:05 2012
   Request for Change of Thesis Title (applicable only if Pre-synopsis is completed)
  (To be submitted only if the thesis title requires change, after the Pre-synopsis is completed.).
Thu May 05 04:31:05 2016
   Temporary Withdrawl from the Ph.D. Programme
  (To be submitted for temporary withdrawal from the Ph.D. programme (Eligibility: completion of minimum 2 years from the date of Confirmation    of Ph.D. Registration).
Wed Jan 27 10:40:05 2010
   Request for Partial Financial Support from IRCC for Completion of Synopsis & Thesis (After successful presentation of Pre-synopsis Seminar
  (This is for obtaining Partial Financial support for Completion of Synopsis & Thesis)
Mon Apr 1 12:128:05 2013
   Extension for Submission of Synopsis & Thesis (after presentation of Pre-Synopsis)
  (To be submitted for extension of submission of synopsis & thesis if required)
Mon Oct 29 02:44:05 2012
   Submission of Synopsis & Thesis from Outside Institute
  (To be submitted by the students if he joins Industry after submiting presynopsis but before submission of Synopsis/Thesis)
Tues Oct 30 10:52:05 2012
   Blank Application Form
  (To be submitted for any application/request , except the above)
Mon Oct 29 02:38:05 2012
   Undertaking by Research Scholars receving Teaching Assistantship
  (Undertaking from research scholars to be submitted for TA/RAship arrears)
Jan 27 02:38:05 2016
   Dissertation/Thesis Evaluation report for Exit degree (M.Phil. / M.S. by Research) Tue June 19 12:55:05 2018
   General Guidelines for PMRF Research Grant Wed May 01 12:30:05 2019

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