Named Scholarships

Named Scholarships- The Dean Alumni & Corporate Relations Office manages the named scholarship endowed by the alumni of the Institute and other wellwishers. These Scholarships are awarded based on the following eligibility criteria :-

a) Merit Criterion : For new entrants {B.Tech / Dual Degree (B.Tech+M.Tech) / } 4 yr. B.S their JEE(Advanced) AIR or the 1st Semester Performance Index (SPI) will be the criterion for merit based Named Scholarship. In subsequent years, their academic performance, i.e., Cumulative Performance Index (CPI) during the preceding academic year will be the corresponding criterion.

b) Means Criterion : The parental (Both Parents) income is the basis for 'means' criterion of the scholarship. At present students whose parent's annual gross income from all sources does not exceed Rs.4,50,000/ , are eligible to apply for means based Named Scholarships. .