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Preparatory Courses :

As the seats for the SC/ST students are often unfilled because adequate number of students from these categories do not qualify JEE with relaxed norms, a further relaxation of JEE norm is made to select students for a one year Preparatory Course. On passing the course successfully, the students are admitted to the First year of B.Tech./Dual Degree/4 Yr. BS. programmes against the vacancies for the First year during the year in which the students were selected for the preparatory course. All students in the Preparatory Course are eligible for free messing in the hostels and receive a pocket allowance of Rs 250/- per month subject to the following conditions:

1-The parental income is the basis for the means criterion of the scholarship.At present students whose parents annual gross income from all sources does not exceed
Rs. 4,50,000/-, are eligible to apply for the above facilities.

2-The student who avails such facilities cannot accept any other scholarship from Govt. Semi- Govt. or private sources.