Room Booking System

To reserve and use rooms in Lecture Complex, IC rooms and MB rooms

General Instructions

  1. Authorised users who can make reservations: All faculty, office.xx account. Users need to login using their LDAP to make room reservations.
  2. Users are requested to book the smallest size room only that is required for the activity, for just the sufficient time.
  3. In the booking interface, provide details such as the Activity Type, Activity Description. Expected room occupancy, Contact details of the user, etc
  4. Rooms can be booked only for the following activities:
    1. Extra lectures/ tutorials/ lab
    2. Tests & Exams
    3. Presentations (including APS)
    4. Department seminar
  5. Any booking that does not satisfy the above points require prior approval from Dean AP. Users can send a letter to Dean APs office with the special request, along with necessary details.
  6. Users are also requested to cancel any prior bookings, if the case arises, thus freeing the room for use by others.
  7. Academic Office reserves the right to modify the bookings under special circumstances. The users will be informed accordingly.

TO reserve rooom during regular hours (8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Holidays)

  1. To view the room availability, kindly check To book a specific room, please contact Academic Office Ext: 4015, Email_id: )
  2. Booking here require NO approval and are taken as confirmed.
  3. Rooms need to be booked at least 24 hours in advance and at most 10 days in advance
  4. Only one-off bookings allowed, with a maximum duration of 3 hours per booking. Users can do multiple bookings.
  5. Tips:
    1. Consider holding tests/ extra lectures in Slot 7A/ 7B (Wed & Fri mornings).Lecture Complex rooms (Halls, LCH, LCC) have been kept available for this purpose only.
    2. Prefer to hold the presentations (APS, etc) in the afternoon sessions in LCT rooms.