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Rules and Regulations at IITB

Procedures for handling acts of academic malpractices by students
Academic Malpractices - punishments
Guidelines for preparation for Ph.D. Synopsis
Guidelines for preparation of Thesis/Dissertations/Reports for Ph.D./M.Tech./M.Phil./M.Des./M.S./DIIT./B.Tech./Dual Degree (B.Tech+M.Tech.)/M.Sc. Students
M.Sc. , Ph.D , Dual Degree Programme Structure
Rules for exit option for (M.Sc.+ Ph.D.) Dual Degree Programme
Rules & Regulations for Ph.D. ProgrammeUpdated on 05/07/2018
Rules & Regulations for M.Tech./M.Phil./M.U.D.E./M.P.P./M.Des./M.Mgt./DIIT Programme Updated on 06/09/2018
Rules & Regulations for M.Ph.D. (M.Tech./M.Phil./+ Ph.D.) Dual Degree ProgrammeUpdated on 05/07/2018
Rules of Exit from M. Tech. and Ph.D. ProgrammeUpdated on 18/09/2018
Rules for Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) in SJMSOM Feb 2015
B.Tech/Dual Degree/M.Sc* rules from 2007 Batch onwards Updated on 07/09/2018
* Applicable for M.Sc. (2 Yrs.) students admitted up to 2017-18
M.Sc (2 Yrs.) rules applicable for students admitted from 2018-19 onwards Updated on 31/08/2018
Registration Information for Faculty Advisors - B.Tech. Updated on 08/12/2013
Registration Information for Faculty Advisors - Dual Degree

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