I went into depression and anxiety disorder just before coming to IIT Bombay. When I reached IIT, I was not able to concentrate on my studies. Not only on studies but each and everything in my life. After a few months I came to know about the student counsellors in IIT Bombay through my Professor. The Professor arranged a meeting with Mrs. Hima Anaredy, a student counselor of IIT Bombay. Initially I was hesitant to meet a stranger and tell him/her that I need help. But then I had already reached a stage where I wanted to vent out my emotions which I was not able to handle by myself. I was confused on how talking with a person can change the perspective of my problem. On the first meeting with the counselor I was not knowing how to express or make her understand my problems. But it was quite comfortable talking with a counsellor. It was indeed a relief for me after the first meeting. The counsellor had always been quite interested in listening to what I say starting from the first day. She arranged regular meetings and kept a follow up of my condition.  I could realize that I was getting better day by day. During the process of counselling I realized I had developed a few mental blocks over a period of time and the counselor helped me in knowing how to deal with it. She guided me through all the efforts I made to come out of my emotional condition. It was really helpful for me going for the counselling because the counselor showed me techniques how to calm myself down and also how to plan my activities. Eventually my performance in academics got improved. She had supported and encouraged me throughout my life in IIT and changed my attitude from complete hopelessness to have a better life ahead with no anxiety. I thank the her and other counselling members in IIT for their humane service they do on a daily basis.