I was an extension student when I met Ms. Anisha Mathews. All of my friends had graduated and I was feeling very down. One of my friends insisted on me going to the wellness center. I agreed and sent out an email. That’s how I met Anisha ma’am.

I had my placements coming up, not prepared for the interviews, intense inferiority complex, drained out of confidence, the list goes on! It wouldn’t be far from the truth if I said that counselling changed my life. Figuring out day to day schedules, weekly and monthly goals became a part of my routine. In the beginning I wasn’t very diligent. But as the days went by, there was a change in me.

My assignments began to finish on time, and in some cases, even before time! I  started to get my confidence back little by little. I started to prepare for the placement tests and interviews. I passed all my courses and secured a job during the placement season on Day 3. I have never felt prouder! This happened all because of Anisha ma’am. The one year I spent listening to, and implementing her advice was fabulous, passed by as my best academic year at IITB. I can safely say that I am more hard-working, more serious towards my career now. This counselling has given me enough confidence that I have even started thinking about a masters degree.

Thanks a lot Anisha ma’am and Counselling Centre IITB.

Again, Thanks a lot for all you have done for me!