Today I am sharing my experience of counseling. I can feel that I have become mentally strong and self-dependent emotionally; the major credit goes to counseling!

When I went to counseling centre with a bag full of problems, I was frightened and my hands were trembling with a lot of confusion in my mind but still had a hope that everything would be fine, as I believe "nothing is permanent in life". I was in a turmoil state that what was going on with me? I started getting afraid of Insti as i didn't like this place and wanted to go away from here. Strange! It was my dream place before coming and after getting into it, I started feel alone, weak, suffocated. I started thinking that I didn't deserve to be in IITB.

All the given reasons were strong enough to shatter my confidence and selfesteem:

•My bad experiences in love life and   with close friends before coming IITB.

•I got backlog in the very first Sem.

• As I come from a simple middle class family always had a pressure of career, jobs and all.

• Didn't get proper support and always felt left out of the class, don't know what were the reasons?

On asking what made me go to counseling centre, I would say, I had spent one semester in Insti, it was the time when I decided to go to the counseling centre, it took almost six months to me to take a call, when I got backlog in a subject and my academic front started get affected and I noticed a pattern of forgetting things like keys, water-bottles and umbrella so frequently. My absent mindedness made me to take a call, though before that someone suggested me to go as I was in need of counseling but I did not admit it. I had one thing in my mind that everything was fine and those were small small ups and downs but the situation was way bigger than I thought. Finally took an appointment with Mrs.Hima Anaredy ma'am. I met her and discussed everything with her and got a clear understanding that what was happening with me, I would call it as depression. It wasn't lesser than a mental trauma to live with anxiety everytime. I burst out in front of her as I was searching for a friend to listen to me and I got that one. In the first meet I could feel the difference, a lot of questions were going on in my mind but made me clam first of all. The main problem comes when you start blaming yourself for whole mess going on in your life and I was doing same. Her smiley face and saying it's okay, no problem used to work as heeling power. She aided me to recover with such a pace that I went to her in II sem and I cleared my backlog in III sem. It was one more add-on to push me towards positivity and regain my faith in me. She did more than a Counsellor could do.

She made me so comfortable with her that I have never felt shy to talk about anything I've faced. At times she became my guardian and helped me in making my daily time tables and all. When I was badly in need to talk, she talked to me over phone apart from our appointments. During her personal leaves she was continue in touch with me as I needed that.

Sometimes I become astonished that I did it and without any help of medication.

Now if I look back, I can see that in just one year my perspective of looking at any circumstances has completely changed. I have become more clam and static. Yes it was me to deal with my mental trauma but she was always the back bone. She heard me so patiently everytime, I would like to say her "Thank you!" I am grateful to her and IITB.