I am a PhD scholar, married, and living outside the IIT Bombay campus. Initially, when I started my doctorate, I had trouble adapting to life in Mumbai. I had just got married and the pressures of studies were weighing on me. And, I felt, I couldn't focus on either. So, I decided to take the help of the counselor at the campus. I came to know about Mrs Amita Tagare and began seeing her regarding my troubles. From the first day itself, I knew I was in the company of someone who understood me. She made me feel comfortable. I could freely talk to her about my pressures, and for each of them, she had a practical solution on hand. After three sessions, I could see the difference in myself: I was ready to continue with my studies, and whatever personal problems I had encountered weren't the stifling choices that I had come to imagine them to be. Now, I am into my third semester, and I can safely say, I haven't looked back