I am a PhD student . I had just finished the first semester in IIT and I had been feeling too low and depressed because I had never been through such an amount of stress. I developed severe anxiety. Initially it was low but then it  I became suicidal and only thing which was coming to my mind was run away. I was clueless and couldn't identify what the problem was where I was stuck. Friends tried to help but they couldn't understand and I found there was no solution. Then I remembered about Student Counselling/Wellness centre and just went thinking that if nothing is working I should give this atleast a try. But then when I started sessions with councellor there I felt much more relieved. I had someone to talk to someone to understand and suggest solutions. Slowly and gradually following their advice I became better. I dont have those depressive feelings and anxiety of that level now. Thanks to Student Wellness Centre. I would suggest if anyone is stuck and clueless with what's happening with them they should atleast give this a try. It really helps.