Getting a chance to build up my career at IIT in the prosperous city of Mumbai was my dream all along and when I met it, I was on the top of the world. I left my near and dear ones 2000 km behind with hopes to make new friends as I moved to Mumbai. But my ecstasy did not last long amidst the extreme professionalism and daily rat race. Horrendous pressure of deadlines and worst quality food were seriously affecting my health. To add on to that, repeated strikes from my batch mates out of selfishness and jealousy literally broke my mental strength. Regular pressures from the seniors in the lab I joined made it even worse for me. I did not have my family to support me either. The only faint ray of hope I found that time is to visit the student counsellor. Frankly, I was little hesitant to consult them because I apprehended that they will stand by my guide instead of me. But, as I had the very first visit I was impressed just by the way they talked and showed me the right path to follow. I felt the changes in me within weeks and my confidence was reborn. I called and messaged the counsellor (Anisha ma’am) anytime I wished and always got a prompt reply. She even talked to my guide in this matter and made life easier for me. After visiting continuously for two months, I am a happy fellow now in spite of being in the same lab with all those same faces around me. I want to thank the facility cordially and suggest my juniors, who are having similar problems, to visit the student counsellor to learn the survival trick in IIT.