"When our body is feeling unwell then we don't hesitate to take help of an expert to help our body get well. Why don't we do so for our mind? Our mind feeling unwell is an equally important issue, in fact even more because living with an unsound mind can be more torturous than living in an unwell body. The experts which help us take care of an unwell mind are counsellors. There is much taboo concerning counselling, but it is nothing but taking expert help when we are unable to solve our problem ourselves. I started taking counselling when I was unable to deal with some of my personal issues on my own, my friends had graduated and the load of the academics and placements was overwhelming. My counsellor, Ms. Anjali, was of great help to me during that phase. She helped me cope up with the situation and today I am placed in a good company, doing well in my academics and have made new friends too. She helped me deal with the fear and anxiety, helped me realise my weaknesses and brought a change in my thinking pattern to help me stay optimistic and stress-free. Seeking help from an expert like her was one of the greatest decision I ever made and I would suggest the same to anyone who feel they are unable to deal with their problems on their own."