I am a Ph.D student currently working in Chemical Engineering department. I have been through a very tough time with my previous guide in another department which I continued to suffer till last year, April 2015.  I was consoling myself to remain clinge to this professor though I was suffering a lot. It might be due to the fear of not getting Ph.D degree if I speak to someone about it or else I did not want to restart a new research work under another professor which would extend my Ph.D years to get it complete. I tried my level best to cope in that environment but later I thought this was actually inhibiting me to grow as being a person. I endured to every torture of my supervisor and tried to get focused on work. These all had failed. It was 3rd APS time, when my supervisor disagreed to conduct my APS (January) and it was rescheduled to February. On roommate suggestion, I somehow was convinced to talk to one Prof in IIT Bombay (as a personal counsellor). The counsellor first asked me to get the APS done in a proper manner so that I might not be in mired with unsatisfactory remarks from APS reviewers. I got satisfactory remarks in APS and it went on track again. After one month of APS, we had a lab meeting where I presented my work update. I was charged with repetition of results, failure to show any progress and I was threatened to be out of Ph.D course. I was given options by my Professor: change in research topic/ take M.S or M.tech degree/ quit.  I was too threatened I would be thrown out of IIT if I dared to complaint against it. In this pathetic situation, I made myself not to tolerate anymore of such messy stuffs and went to seek the help of institute authority. I went to talk to academics counsellor Madam Tagare and she helped me a lot where nobody could do for me.  With her advice, I could confront such a tough time otherwise it was impossible for me to solve the matter personally. After 2 or 3 months, I got the approval in change of guide and department too. I was transferred to Chemical Engineering to continue Ph.D (different topic though, but I am satisfied). My kind regards and gratitude till my entire life towards Tagare Ma’am and everyone who helped me to get through such difficult times.