Hello Reader, I am writing this to share my experience with the student welfare centre and counselling services at IIT Bombay. I am Athul, 3rd Year Undergraduate of Aerospace Engineering Department. In my 5th semester, I took a PoR which is very rare for a 3rd year student. I started feeling hyper-loaded one week into it. I found myself in a very tight schedule. I even messed up one of my quizzes which added fuel to the fire in my mind. I was afraid if I mess up my endsems too. I couldn’t sleep for a few days because of this. Then I thought of walking into the student welfare centre. I knew that people consider going for counselling a taboo even now, but nevermind, I decided to go. I took an appointment with Hima Ma’am. She happily took my case and welcomed me to her office. I was a bit nervous during the first appointment but ma’am was really professional. She made me comfortable in opening up. I am not writing much about my problems I discussed with ma’am here as they may not be of interest to the reader. Ma’am gave me an academic and non-academic timetable including some leisure time to follow and kept a check on it, while she never demanded to follow the timetable completely. She always gave me some time to relax and rejuvenate. After the first meeting, I walked out of her office with full confidence. A month after the first meeting, I realised that I was back on track. Our weekly meeting were very much helpful in destressing and getting all sorts of worries out of my mind. Right now I have overloaded myself with both academics and the same PoR with proper time management. I strongly believe that walking in to Hima Ma’am’s cabin was the best decision I have made in my undergraduate years. I strongly recommend going to counselling centre if one has genuine problems which may not be shareable with anyone. I personally would like to thank Hima Ma’am for all her help.