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Active Tenders List

Title Division Due date Excerpts
High Performance Fluorscence Activated Cell Sorter (FACS) Facility Dept. of Biosciences and Bioengineering 10 Feb 2016

Tender No. 201501555

Due date is extended upto 10th February 2016

250kN Linear & 2000Nm Torsion Servohydraulic with 100kN Verticl Planner Biaxial Fatigue Testing System and 100kN Axial Servohydraulic Test System Dept. of Mechanical Engineering 17 Feb 2016

Tender No.201501562

Digital Image Correlation (DIC) System for Research, Laboratory and Industrial Applications Dept. of Mechanical Engineering 18 Feb 2016

Tender No.201501635

Training for Various SAP Modules Application Software Cell 19 Feb 2016

Tender No.201501556

Pre-bid meeting schedule on 8th February 2016 at 3.00 pm