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Active Tenders List

Title Division Due date Excerpts
Floor Model Refrigerated Ultracentrifuge with Necessary Rotors, Adapters and Other Accessories Centre for Enviornmental Science & Engg. 5 Dec 2014

Tender No.201400851

High Performance Computer Cluster Solution Chemistry Dept. 8 Dec 2014

Tender No.201401440

CHNS - Element Analyser with Auto Sampler Chemistry Dept. 9 Dec 2014

Tender No.201401471

Empanelment and Rate Contract for Advertising Services Materials Management Division 10 Dec 2014

Tender No.: MMD/Advertising Agency/RC/2015-16

Empanelment of Service Providers for providing e­ Procurement Services Materials Management Division 11 Dec 2014

Tender No. MMD/e­Procurement Services/RC/2015­16


Four Dimensional X-ray Microscope Dept. of Mechanical Engg. 11 Dec 2014

Tender No. 201401609

Empanelment of suppliers for Rate Contract of Printing & Stationary Items Materials Management Division 12 Dec 2014

Tender No. MMD/Stationary/RC/2015­16