Candidates should apply for appearing in UCEED 2017. Application can be done ONLY online through the application portal linked from

Candidates should satisfy ALL THE THREE eligibility criteria [see ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR APPEARING IN UCEED 2017].

Application will be cancelled if, at a later date, it is found that the candidate does not meet any of the three eligibility criteria.

Application fee [see APPLICATION FEE] is NEITHER refundable NOR transferable.

It will entirely be the responsibility of the candidate to provide the correct information regarding the qualifying exam and category, and upload the correct documents in the required formats in the application form. Application forms, incomplete in any way, will be summarily rejected and the application will be considered invalid. The admitting institutes have the right to cancel, at any stage, the admission of a candidate in accordance with the rules and regulations in force, if it is found that any information provided by the candidate is incorrect or the application is incomplete.

Detailed instructions for the online application are provided on the application portal.