Official E-mail Id

You can email your complaint at



Prof. (Ms.) Prita Pant
(Met.Engg.& Mat.Sci.)


Tel: +91-22-2576-7616


Prof. (Ms.) Sahana Murthy
(Edu. Tech)


Tel: +91-22-2576-4860


  1. Prof. (Ms.) Swati Patankar (BSBE):
  2. Prof. (Ms.) Nutan Limaye (Comp. Sci & Engg) :
  3. Prof. M. P. Gururajan (MEMS):
  4. Head Computer Centre :
  5. Dr. Shewli Kumar (Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai) 
  6. Dr. S.G.Patil (IIT Hospital) {Liaison Officer(For SC/ST/OBC)} 
  7. Ms. Hemangi M. Kargutkar (Accounts) :  
  8. Mr. Prakash Singh Badal  :
  9. Ms. Indu Rai (HSS) :
  10. Mr. Yash Singhal (ISHA) :
  11. Ms. Shivani Bansal (Girl's nominee) :


PoSH Volunteers

Women's Cell has identified motivated and empathetic student volunteers to act as trained resource persons, who may be the primary contact for students who may have experienced sexual harassment, or even discrimination but may be unsure/scared/embarrassed  of what happened. To enable the volunteers to handle these requirements,  the volunteers will be trained (and certified) on campus by an external agency. The purpose of this training is to understand applicability and purpose of the Law along with understanding the redressal mechanism 

  • The current list of volunteers can be found here.