Life @ IITB

Message from the Director

Hearty congratulations on your success in the IIT JEE (Advanced) examination. Your hard work has resulted in you having a good chance of being offered a seat at arguably the best technical institute of the country.


IIT Bombay has emerged over the years as the most preferred destination for aspiring technologists from across the country. The institute consistently attracts the finest faculty and the best of students for its Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral programmes and is one of the best educational institutions in the country and among the top few globally. An IIT Bombay education transforms students and creates experiences and opportunities that are unforgettable. If you are passionate about your interests, academics, co-curricular or extra-curricular, you will find a peer group that consists of equally passionate individuals.

 IIT Bombay has worked to create a safe and comfortable environment for the nearly 2000 women students on campus. The Gender Cell of the Institute has several programmes to promote gender sensitivity and has been active since 2002. The Student Mentor Program takes care that every student has a responsible senior as their mentor and the Student Wellness Centre makes sure you have guided counselling as and when you need it.

Our women students have excelled in a diverse range of fields and are  placed in world-renowned companies, have been awarded scholarships to study in top universities, are successful entrepreneurs and have won awards in numerous technical, cultural and sports competitions. IIT Bombay is the Institution of choice for young, independent, female engineers in the making.

I wish you all the best!

Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri

Director, IIT Bombay

Message from the Associate Dean of Academic Programs

Congratulations on your success in the JEE (Advanced) examination. I am sure you and your family are delighted, and busy making difficult decisions such as which branch of engineering/science to study and at which Institute. I hope several of you are considering joining IIT Bombay and as the Associate Dean of Academic Program, I would be happy to welcome you here.IIT Bombay is a premier technical institute of India that attracts the best faculty and students to its undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Dean's Pic


We provide a rigorous academic environment, which both invigorates and challenges our students. IIT Bombay offers 4 year Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) degrees in eight engineering disciplines, and 5 year dual degrees (B.Tech. and M.Tech.) in five disciplines. In addition, we also offer 4 year Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in Chemistry, Economics, and Mathematics; and Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) degree from IDC-School of Design. While our faculty members set high standards for students, they are also accommodating of individual concerns and needs, often spending considerable time engaging with students outside of classes as well.

IIT Bombay is the destination of choice for students from all over the country and spending four or five years here, immerses you in the wonderful diversity of our country. As a student at IITB you will learn as much from your peers as from your teachers. In addition to academics, we also offer opportunities for students to develop as sportspersons, leaders, mentors, managers and so on, so that when you graduate, you would not only have received an excellent technical education, you would also have developed other aspects of your personality.

IIT Bombay is located in Powai - a bustling part of Mumbai, inhabited by young professionals and families. We pride ourselves on having the same rules for women and men students on campus. They can compete for positions of responsibility, work on projects, or take a coffee break in the midst of studying late for an exam. This is only possible because the campus is very safe, and we ensure that reports of unacceptable behaviour are dealt with quickly and strictly.

In my 14 years of teaching at IIT Bombay, I have met some remarkable women students - they have gone on to do research at some of the best institutes in the world, some have started their own business, and some other are involved in socially relevant enterprise. I hope that many of you will follow this path and that your years at IIT Bombay will enrich you both personally and professionally.

I wish you the very best,

Prof. Prita Pant

Associate Dean of Academic Program


Professor of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science

IIT Bombay